Featured Sites

  • BikeUCI

    All things biking at UC Irvine.

  • Literacy through the Arts

    Expert teaching artists demonstrate effective strategies for teaching literacy and social skills through theatre and dance in the primary grades

    Literacy through the Arts
  • PiloSA

    Student Affairs Blog – Ideas. Resources. Fresh Ants.

  • ZotSpeak Toastmasters

    We are a local Toastmasters club that meets at UCI. Our club is unique in that we have students, staff, faculty, and off-campus participants.

    ZotSpeak Toastmasters
  • Center for Evidence-Based Corrections

    Putting science before politics when managing state correctional populations.

    Center for Evidence-Based Corrections
  • Center for Psychology and Law

    The UCI Psychology and Law Center is a focal point for research linking the fields of psychology and law.

    Center for Psychology and Law
  • Ice Sheet Modeling Group

    Our group focuses on better understanding and explaining ongoing changes in the Cryosphere, or the frozen parts of the Earth, using numerical modeling.

    Ice Sheet Modeling Group
  • ImageWorks

    Wide format poster printing and copy center in the Ayala School of Biological Sciences

  • The Verano Place

    Keeping the Verano Community Informed

    The Verano Place

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