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When: Thursdays 2pm to 3pm
Where: Donald Bren Hall, room 4011

Talks will be followed by Coffee & Refreshments

Winter 2019

January 10
Madhu Sudan (CS, Harvard)
General Strong Polarization

January 17
Afshin Nikzad (Economics, Berkeley)
What matters in school choice tie-breaking? How competition guides design

January 24
Yan Shuo Tan (Math, Berkeley)
Implicit regularization for constant step-size stochastic gradient descent: why it works for non-smooth, non-convex, low-rank models

January 31
Thomas Vidick (CS, Caltech)
Unitary correlation sets

February 15 (Friday) - 1pm in 3011 DBH
Samir Khuller (University of Maryland)
On Algorithmic Questions motivated by Data Center Scheduling

February 26 (Tuesday) - 11am in 4011 DBH
Rad Niazadeh (Stanford University)
Markets with Data – Challenges and Solutions

March 4 - 12pm in 4011 DBH
Euiwoong Lee (New York University)
Towards a unified theory of approximate optimization

March 14 - 11am in 4011 DBH
Nima Anari (Stanford University)
Algorithmic Convexity in the Discrete World and the Resolution of a 30-Years-Old Conjecture

March 14 - 4-5pm SSPA 2112
Nicole Immorlica (Microsoft Research Lab – New England)
Maximizing the Social Good – Markets without Money

Fall 2018

October 4
Leonard J. Schulman (Caltech)
Explicit Binary Tree Codes with Polylogarithmic Size Alphabet

October 11
Luyi Gui (Business School, UCI)
Network biform games: An application to the implementation of electronic waste legislation

October 18
Nima Anari (CS, Stanford University)
Planar Graph Perfect Matching is in NC

October 25
Wayne Hayes (CS, UCI)
Topological Network Alignment comes of Age

November 1
Babak Hassibi (Caltech)
Non-Convex Optimization and Structured Signal Recovery

November 8
Nathan Kaplan (Math, UCI)
Dudeney’s No-Three-In-Line Problem

November 15
Zygmunt Pizlo (IMBS, UCI)
Solving an ill-posed inverse problem of three-dimensional (3D) vision

November 29
Roman Vershynin (Math, UCI)
Capacity of Neural Networks

December 6
Michael Goodrich (CS, UCI)
Stable-Matching Voronoi Diagrams: Combinatorial Complexity and Algorithms