Deciphering Old Texts, One Woozy, Curvy Word at a Time

Interesting article about how and why websites use Captcha to authenticate users.

Windows 7 “God Mode”

A one stop location for most windows options, commands, and functions.

Is Ed Tech Accessible Enough?

Electronic Bifocals for reading power only when you need it

6 Top Smartphone Apps to Improve Teaching, Research, and Your Life

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Improves Speech Recognition

Book Scanning Device Adds Fuel to Copyright Debate

Can scan 200 page book in 15 minutes, although it still requires someone to manually turn the pages.

Create and sync ebooks for most readers

Calibre ( is a free and open source e-book management tool that allows one to organise, save and manage e-books, in and between a variety of formats.

Livescribe Echo: The Pulse + added extras, features

The Pulse pen has great potential in notetaking, audio capture, etc. The Echo picks up where the Pulse left off and includes app launching, a dictionary function, and drawing on your computer by drawing on paper. Check it out…

Captioning on Web video is still behind television captioning

This article talks about how  closed-captioning on television is required but captioning for that show on the internet is not. With rolling out their captioning system earlier this year we can see that progress is being made but until other big companies like CNN, ESPN, CBS, etc. jump on board there will continue to be a gap in web video captioning.

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