Monthly Archive for February, 2016

NDSS 2016 Conference

The NDSS 2016 Conference, held in San Diego on February 22-24th, was an amazing experience.
During the presentation sessions, I learned about the current problems in cyber-security and how the security community evaluates research.
In addition, I had the chance to present a poster (see link below). With the presentation, I received some valuable feedback on the project
and how we can improve it in the future.

Poster Link:
Anthony Lopez NDSS 2016 Conference Poster

One of my labmates also got the distinguished poster award! Congratulations Sujit! Here is his poster!
Sujit’s Poster

Next year I look forward to presenting an accepted paper!


An awesome highschool-university bridge program has been created and it is called ACHIEVE UC.
It is meant for helping high school students at San Diego High School to University of California – San Diego.
I attended an event which presented this program to the students for the first time. I was so excited to be back at my old school.
In addition, I spoke with around 600 students about my experiences as a homeless student and how beneficial this program will be for them.
I believe that it is possible for any student to go to a strong university through effort and dedication!
These students should have the belief and support that despite all their challenges that they face, they should be able to overcome them and attend university.
Let’s all hope these students will take advantage of this program, work hard, and earn great success!