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History professor Jon Wiener writes for the Los Angeles Times. The Nixon Presidential Library and Museum opened a new exhibit in Yorba Linda and online Feb. 15, “Patriot, President, Peacemaker.” It covers Richard Nixon‘s entire life, like the permanent installation there, and claims to present “a fuller picture” than ever before. But there’s a gap, […]

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History professor Jeffrey Wasserstrom writes for Slate. The fact that I grew up in Los Angeles has rarely felt relevant for my work as a China specialist. But it sure did last weekend as record-breaking levels of smog descended on Beijing. The smoggiest days I remember from my childhood in L.A. were no match for the […]

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The “Fred Voodoo” referred to in the title of Amy Wilentz’s impassioned but lumpy new book on Haiti, she explains, was reporters’ “joking name” for the Haitian man (or woman) in the street, at least one commonly used a few decades back in a less politically correct era. The name now represents to her foreigners’ […]

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