Lock Method Hierarchy

It doesn’t matter if you have the best heavy chain, the best U-Lock, a seat leash, AND locking bolts if you don’t lock your bike up correctly.  You have to know your bike parking furniture, your locks, and your bike. That knowledge working together will help to ensure maximum deterrence to and survivability against theft attempts.

Strong Locking Method

  1. U-Lock through back wheel (rim or multiple spokes), rear frame triangle, and bike stand/rack.
  2. Heavy chain lock through front wheel rim, forward frame triangle, and bike rack (if the stand/rack facilitates this).
  3. (optional) Thin cable leash through the seat and connecting to the U-Lock.


These two images show the same locking technique



OK Locking Method

  1. U-Lock through back wheel rim, rear frame triangle, and bike rack.
  2. And then either…:
    1. Use a leash to connect the U-Lock to the front wheel
    2. OR use another main lock to secure the front wheel to the frame.

Leash on the left

Two main locks on the right

Passable locking method

  1. U-Lock through back wheel rim, rear frame triangle, and bike rack. (Note: This still leaves your front wheel and seat vulnerable to theft, but your most expensive components will be secure.)

Additionally, never EVER leave a lock, chain, cable, or U-Lock on or near the ground. This gives the thief a perfect place for a hammer attack. Always wrap excess chain and cable around your bike and make sure your U-Lock leaves as little room as possible inside the shackle to deprive the potential thief of space in which to insert a pry-bar or other kind of lever.

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