About the EEE+ Canvas Transition

UCI is in the midst of a multi-year transition from our homegrown learning management system, EEE, to an expanded ecosystem of educational technologies.

At the center of this transition is Canvas, a popular, modern system that includes a robust toolbox of learning management tools, plus the added flexibility to connect to a broad array of supplemental services developed here on campus or by third party providers.

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Spring 2017 Usage Snapshot


Get Started

You can dive right in and use Canvas for a course in the current or next quarter, or you can try out a sandbox to get your feet wet. Its up to you!

Learn how to use EEE+ Canvas:

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Get Support

If you have questions about or need help with EEE+ Canvas, we’re here for you! We provide extensive online documentation, email and phone-based support, and one-on-one in-person assistance.

Send Us Feedback

Do you have thoughts or feedback about EEE+ Canvas or the transition? We’d love to hear from you!


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