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About the Transition to Canvas

UCI is in the midst of a multi-year transition from our homegrown learning management system, EEE, to an expanded ecosystem of educational technologies.

At the center of this transition is Canvas, a modern learning management system that includes a robust toolset, integration with campus authentication and data systems, plus opportunities  connect to a variety of supplemental services developed here on campus or by third party providers.

EEE Legacy Retirement Timelines

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Winter 2018 Spring 2018 Summer 2018
AdvancedWebspace Fully functional
Announcements Fully functional
Assistants Fully functional
Calendar Fully functional
Chat Fully functional Removed
Class Mail Lists Depends on custom development of new class mail lists system; retirement timeline TBD
Class Website Index Fully functional
Classmates Fully functional
Counter Fully functional Removed
Dashboard Fully functional
Department Evaluations Depends on custom development of replacement department evaluations system; retirement timeline TBD
DropBox Depends on custom development of RapidReturn; retirement timeline TBD
EasyWebsite Fully functional
EEE Mobile Fully functional
GradeBook Fully functional
MessageBoards Fully functional
Midterm Evaluations Fully functional
MyEEE Fully functional
Photos Currently determining best approach to retiring the Photos feature; retirement timeline TBD
Planner Fully functional
Quiz Fully functional
Rapid Return Depends on development of replacement RapidReturn tool; retirement timeline TBD
ReplayPublisher Fully functional Removed
RoomFinder Fully functional Removed
Rosters Fully functional
SignupSheet Fully functional
Survey Will remain available until there is a designated replacement before the start of Fall 2019
Tasks Fully functional
WebsiteCopier Fully functional
WebsiteLinker Fully functional

Previous transition updates

Information about specific tool retirements in these updates may be out of date. Refer to the Timelines page for the most up-to-date information.


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Spring 2018 Canvas Usage

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