EEE Assistants

What’s happening to EEE Assistants?

The current EEE Assistants tool will be retired and replaced with a new assistants management utility.

The plan is to add a new way for instructors to add assistants to Canvas course spaces using EEE GrandCentral, the management tool that is already used to create and manage course spaces and manage observers and additional students.

The functionality will differ from EEE Assistants. Currently, instructors can grant EEE permissions per-tool; in Canvas, assistants have access to all of the tools in the Canvas course space.

We have some ideas on how we may be able to support instructors who wish to limit assistant access, but we need to hear from you; if this feature is important to you, please Contact Us.

When will EEE Assistants be replaced with this updated app?

The timeline isn’t available yet for the replacement of EEE Assistants. Once known, relevant timelines will be broadly announced with as much advance notice and information as possible. Rest assured the current tool won’t be going anywhere until a suitable replacement is up and running.

What should I use instead?

Keep using EEE Assistants! It will be fully available and supported until the new version is available and ready for use.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about EEE Assistants please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

It’s important we know what you need so we can work to ensure this is a smooth transition; we want to hear from you!