EEE Survey

What’s happening to EEE Survey?

EEE Survey will eventually be retired as part of the Canvas transition. EEE Survey and any associated data (including templates and form submissions) will remain available until an alternative has been identified and notice has been made so all users have the opportunity to archive data outside EEE.

For class-based instructional use: EEE Canvas provides a survey feature within the Quiz tool.

For other uses: Stay posted and be assured we’ll give you ample warning and make sure an alternative is ready for general use before the EEE Survey tool is retired.

When will EEE Survey be retired?

No timeline is currently available for the retirement of EEE Survey. Once known, relevant timelines will be broadly announced with as much advance notice as possible.

If the tools below don’t work for you, or if you want to talk to us about EEE Survey, we want to hear from you – please Contact Us.

What should I use instead?

Use cases

The alternatives listed for each use case are described in further detail in the “List of alternatives” section, below. Note that, for some use cases, a direct, 1-to-1 replacement may not currently be available. Should you have a critical use case you would like to make us aware of so that it can be taken into account as the campus identifies a long-term central surveying solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Use case OIT-supported Alternative
Large-scale, non-class surveys to defined sets of users SurveyMonkey (currently $200/year under campus agreement; see below for more information)
Large-scale, non-class surveys to non-defined sets of users

Google Forms

SurveyMonkey (currently $200/year under campus agreement; see below for more information)

Class-based surveys to gather information EEE Canvas surveys in the Quiz tool
Google Forms
Evaluations of TAs and others EEE Evaluations
Information gathering surveys where aggregate data is either not needed or you are comfortable in Excel EEE Scout

List of alternatives to EEE Survey

EEE Survey addresses a wide variety of needs, including large-scale campus-wide surveys, smaller surveys for gathering information from a select set of people, or surveys for classes to gather more information.

EEE Canvas Survey tool in Quiz

EEE Scout

EEE Scout (free) is a useful tool for managing applications and other forms.

Google Forms

Available within the OIT-support Google Apps, Forms are a handy way to conduct surveys gathering information.


SurveyMonkey ($200/year) is a robust survey solution available for an annual fee.

Contact the OIT Help Desk to learn more about SurveyMonkey and inquire about licensing: or 949-824-2222

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about EEE Survey please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

It’s important we know what you need so we can work to ensure this is a smooth transition; we want to hear from you!