EEE WebsiteManager

What’s happening to EEE WebsiteManager?

EEE WebsiteManager will be retired. EEE Canvas provides a robust course space tool, which includes modules, pages, and files (including images) associated with one or more course codes. EEE WebsiteManager and any associated data will remain available until the tool is retired.

Ample notice will be made so all users have the opportunity to archive web content outside EEE.

For class-based instructional use: EEE Canvas provides robust course hosting capabilities.

For other uses: Consider using Sites@UCI or Google Sites for website hosting.

If you have any questions or want to talk to us about EEE WebsiteManager, please Contact Us.

What about WebsiteCopier and WebsiteLinker?

These tools are part of the EEE website management toolkit, and will be retired alongside EEE WebsiteManager.

EEE+ Canvas provides the ability to import and copy course content. The replacement for MyEEE may also allow instructors to provide a custom link for a course, similar to WebsiteLinker.

When will EEE WebsiteManager be retired?

No timeline is currently available for the retirement of EEE WebsiteManager, but we encourage all users of EEE WebsiteManager tools to explore the alternate tools available within OIT provided-tools.

Ample notice will be made so all users have the opportunity to archive web content outside EEE.

What should I use instead?

EEE WebsiteManager facilitates the development of a web space for an individual course. The alternatives listed for each use case are described in further detail below.

Canvas provides many different features that can meet the needs of class websites, including course material distribution, announcements and communication, assignment information, and more. Below are several Canvas features that are helpful when replacing your class website.

EEE Canvas content management features

EEE Canvas Pages

EEE Canvas Modules

EEE Canvas Files

Files in Canvas are a great way to distribute files to your class.

If you want to discuss how to best migrate your course materials from EEE to Canvas, please Contact Us.

Other content management options

Sites @ UCI

This OIT-provided service enables you to create and publish content using the popular WordPress platform.

Google Sites

Available within the OIT-support Google Apps, Google Sites are a useful way to establish a web presence for a specific project.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about EEE WebsiteManager please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

It’s important we know what you need so we can work to ensure this is a smooth transition; we want to hear from you!