MyEEE & related tools

What’s happening to MyEEE?

MyEEE, used by nearly all users on EEE to access course resources, will continue to be available through the transition. During the transition, vital features will be incorporated into new tools and access mechanisms.

  • For instructors, GrandCentral provides access to create and manage course spaces in EEE Canvas. Our current idea is to expand GrandCentral to also show your classes and make it easier to access electronic education resources for those classes.
    • For general education classes, MyEEE also displays the relevant course outcomes. We’re not yet sure where this content will go, but GrandCentral seems like a logical place.
  • For students, we updated MyEEE to provide access to EEE Canvas course spaces. Our current idea is to either expand GrandCentral, used by instructors to manage EEE Canvas course spaces, or create a new, standalone MyEEE service.
  • For staff users, as users of the various EEE tools are transitioned to other, more modern services, it is likely that MyEEE will be of limited use.

MyEEE also provides a variety of other features, such as a calendar, quick access to class tools, and access to helpful links; many of these features are also available in EEE Canvas.

What’s happening to MyEEE Tasks?

MyEEE Tasks aggregates tasks from across the EEE toolkit into a single interface; it is also available via the EEE Mobile web app.

EEE Canvas provides equivalent functionality for displaying assignments with associated due dates. MyEEE Tasks will be retired along with MyEEE.

Note: EEE Canvas tasks will not be displayed in MyEEE Tasks.

What’s happening to MyEEE Announcements?

MyEEE Announcements enables instructors to post short announcements to their students from within MyEEE.

EEE Canvas provides equivalent functionality for broadly distributing announcements to classes via both the Announcements and Inbox features. MyEEE Tasks will be retired along with MyEEE.

Note: EEE Canvas announcements will not be displayed in MyEEE Announcements.

What’s happening to MyEEE Dashboard?

MyEEE Dashboard aggregates course and EEE tool usage information into a single screen; it also provides the ability to view classmates via the Classmates feature.

EEE Canvas provides equivalent functionality for viewing class resources and lists of fellow students (via the People feature, if enabled by the instructor). The EEE Canvas Dashboard also provides an at-a-glance view of classes and upcoming tasks.

Note: EEE Canvas tool usage information will not be displayed on the MyEEE Dashboard.

What’s happening to MyEEE Planner?

MyEEE Planner displays a weekly course planner and allows users to add additional events.

WebReg shows class schedules, and Google Calendar provides similar functionality. MyEEE Planner will be retired along with MyEEE.

When will MyEEE features be available on GrandCentral or other web apps?

The timeline isn’t available yet for the replacement of the MyEEE features mentioned above. Once known, relevant timelines will be broadly announced with as much advance notice as possible.

If you want to talk to us about MyEEE, including Tasks, Announcements, or Dashboard, we want to hear from you: please Contact Us.

What should I use instead?

Keep using MyEEE! It will be fully available and supported into the new version is live and ready for campus-wide use. When the new app is available, we’ll announce as broadly as possible.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about MyEEE please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

It’s important we know what you need so we can work to ensure this is a smooth transition; we want to hear from you!