As EEE Legacy tools are retired, this list will be updated to identify which Canvas or other campus tools serve as replacement tools. In cases where no suitable replacement is available, we've done our best to identify alternative tools.


EEE Legacy Chat was retired at the end of Spring 2018. Canvas offers two tools that are good options for synchronous online conversations: Conferences (for video and audio) or Chat.

Learn more about Canvas Conferences • Learn more about Canvas Chat

ReplayPublisher (Podcasts)

EEE Legacy ReplayPublisher (Podcasts) was retired at the end of Spring 2018. UCI Replay recordings can be distributed either by sharing a direct link (for example, sending an email to a class mail list with the appropriate link) or posting a link on a Canvas page.

Learn more about Canvas Pages


EEE Legacy RoomFinder was retired at the end of Spring 2018. Detailed and up-to-date campus building information for the main campus, north campus, and medical center is available via the interactive campus map.

Visit UCI's interactive campus map