Sustainable Societies: A New CHP Course Track

Beginning in Fall 2017 the Campuswide Honors Program will be offering a new, additional honors curricular track open to all majors called Sustainable Societies, to be taken in the sophomore and junior years, beginning fall 2017 and ending spring 2019. Taken after completing Honors Humanities Core in the freshman year, this new track consists of six sequential courses (one per quarter) that would be taken instead of Honors Social Science and Science Core.

The Sustainable Societies track is team taught by top faculty from a variety of disciplines, examining the topic from two broad perspectives:
•     Exploring the features of societies/nations that lead some to prosperity, freedom and a high quality of life, while others decline; demonstrating how innovation, prosperity, flexibility, and a forward thinking perspective allow societies to address challenges effectively.
•     Exploring the underpinnings of several of the challenges that modern societies currently face and, importantly, engaging students to work together on solutions to these challenges.

Click here to learn more about the Sustainable Societies CHP course track.  If you are interested in the new course track and would like to receive more information about it, please complete this survey.

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