Volunteer to Help the CHP at SPOP

Are you going to be in the Irvine area this summer?  If you want to stay involved with the CHP, come welcome the new CHP freshmen at SPOP!

There are two ways that you can assist the CHP at SPOP this summer:

  1. The CHP’s morning SPOP session introduces students to their CHP requirements and helps get them started on the right foot.  We will need volunteers to help with registration, mingling, speaking about the honors classes, and more.
  2. The CHP Mentor-Mentee Program will be hosting Socials on the afternoon of each SPOP. These socials will be the first opportunity for our incoming freshmen to build community within the CHP.

We especially need volunteers for SPOPs 1 and 2 (July 14 and 19, respectively), though there will be opportunities throughout the summer.  To sign up, click here and fill out the EEE survey!

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