Fall 2017 Enrollment Updates

Restrictions Lifted

Several schools have lifted restrictions on their courses for fall:

  • Arts – Removed many major restrictions on 8/31
  • Bio Sci – Will remove the NOR from Bio Sci 93, as well as repeat and major restrictions on Bio Sci courses, by noon on 9/5
  • Physical Sciences – Will remove all NORs on 9/5 at noon
  • Social Ecology – Will remove NORs on 9/5 at noon and major restrictions on 9/20.

Make sure to check the comments in the online Schedule of Classes for dates and times that other course restrictions will be lifted.

Unit Cap Lifted

The 18-unit enrollment limit will be lifted today (September 1) at noon.  After the cap is lifted, students will be able to enroll in up to 20 units without any special approval.  If you need approval to add more than 20 units, please contact your honors advisor.



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