Week 8 CHP Office Announcements

November 20, 2017

CHP Office Closure

The CHP Office will close at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 22 and will remain closed until 9:00 a.m. on Monday, November 27, in observance of the Thanksgiving Day holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Week 8 PAA Office Hour Update:

Rosie will hold office hours in the Shire today, Monday, November 20 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Sleep and Cognition Lab seeking Researchers

November 13, 2017

The Sleep and Cognition (SaC) Lab is interested in understanding who we are as humans by investigating how we form memories. Memories are at the core of our histories, our perceptions, and our beliefs. By understanding how memories are formed, processed and retained, we can understand how they can be improved, as well as how memory abilities can falter due to aging or disease. We are specifically interested in translational research questions that lead to improving the lives of people with cognitive impairments. We utilize electroencephalography (EEG), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electrical brain stimulation, pharmacology, psychophysics, and sleep, in collaboration with researchers from a wide range of disciplines including development, political science, memory, vision, sleep, computer modeling, and psychopharmacology.

Some of the experimental questions we are exploring include: What are the basic mechanisms of encoding, consolidation and retrieval? Why do some memories tend to become stronger after a period of sleep? What are the specific roles of individual sleep features in consolidation across a wide range of memory domains? What are the roles of individual neurotransmitters in the memory process? Can we enhance memory performance by improving sleep or with pharmacological intervention?

Undergraduate researchers in the SaC lab learn every aspect of experimental research in sleep and memory, including EEG methodology, cognitive testing, data analysis, working with human subjects and organizing databases.  Visit our lab webpage and check the “Join Our Lab!” tab for an application.

Mathematical Modeling Competition

November 13, 2017

In 2011* and 2012*, quantitative undergraduates at UCI banded together as in teams to use their mathematical skills to solve problems with unknown answers. In both years, those teams were outscored by only three teams and one team, respectively.

Help us continue that streak! If you like to do mathematics but yearn for a different outlet through which you can exercise your mathematical and quantitative skills, then the MCM-ICM may be perfect for you. Click on the link below to the Google Forms for more information.


*Announcements of results:
– 2011: https://www.math.uci.edu/node/22403
– 2012: https://ps.uci.edu/news/7537

2018-2019 CHP Student Housing Info

November 13, 2017

The 2018-2019 housing application opens at 7:00 a.m. on November 17th and closes at noon on November 22nd. Make sure to review application information for CHP students on our EEE survey: https://eee.uci.edu/survey/chphousing18-19.  IF YOU WANT TO LIVE IN A CHP-THEMED HOUSE IN ARROYO VISTA, YOU NEED TO COMPLETE THIS SURVEY.  Question #7 of our survey will allow you to list your preference for the CHP-themed houses in Arroyo Vista.  Completing question #7 of this survey by 8:00 a.m. on November 16th AND the housing application by noon on November 22nd will give you the best possible chance of living in a CHP-themed house in Arroyo Vista for the 2018-2019 school year.

Winter 2018 Enrollment Update

November 13, 2017

Attn First-Years: When you first enroll in classes, you may enroll in up to 18 units.  At noon on December 20, this unit cap will be removed and you may enroll in up to 20 units.  Authorization to enroll in more than 18 units before the unit cap is lifted, or in more than 20 units at any time, comes from your school.  Check your school’s website for their policy on unit authorization and come to the CHP Office if you would like help creating a plan to enroll in all of your winter classes.

Sustainable Societies Enrollment: When enrolling in EARTHSS H30B, please remember to enroll in both parts of the class (lecture AND lab).


Week 7 CHP Office Announcements

November 13, 2017

Week 7 PAA Office Hour Update: Daria will hold additional office hours this week on Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Keep the Locus Clean: We are thrilled to offer the Locus as a common space for CHP students to gather and study.  When you use the Locus, please remember that it is your responsibility to leave it as nice as you found it. Cleaning supplies are located in the Locus cupboard under the microwave – use them if you need them!  If something is damaged or requires different cleaning supplies, please notify the CHP Office immediately so we can address the issue.  Thanks for your help in keeping the Locus clean!

CHP Continuing Student Guaranteed Housing App. 2018-19

November 10, 2017

Your membership in the Campuswide Honors Program makes you eligible for guaranteed on-campus housing as long as you are single, under age 25, follow the application process outlined below, and meet the deadlines stipulated. The deadlines include both the application filing deadline AND the deadlines that apply to the contract process. The housing guarantee facilitates an offer of on-campus housing and does NOT guarantee placement in a specific housing community, building, or room. While Student Housing makes an effort to accommodate student preferences, they cannot guarantee that students will be assigned to their first choice community (or AV house, if applicable).

Find information about the housing application process on the Housing web site.


  • 7:00 a.m. on Friday, November 17th is when the guaranteed application window opens. The online housing application can be accessed at https://my.housing.uci.edu/gateway/.
  • 12:00 p.m. (noon, server time) on Wednesday, November 22nd is when the guaranteed application window closes. We strongly encourage you to APPLY EARLY – DO NOT WAIT until the last minute.
  • Housing offers to high demand communities will be made on a first come, first served basis, using application date/time stamps.

NO exceptions will be made for those missing the absolute final deadline of 12:00 p.m., November 22nd. If you missed the Guarantee Window, you can apply for the housing waitlist in spring quarter.


  • The application is “one and done.” That means once your application is submitted, you cannot log in again to make changes. Research your options and know your preferences before you apply.
  • You MUST rank all 6 community preferences. Rank them in order of preference (with 1 indicating your strongest preference).
  • Roommate requests are NOT part of the housing application. You will be able to request a specific roommate later in the process, after you receive your community assignment.
  • CHP commuters (who meet eligibility criteria), regardless of year in school, are eligible for on-campus housing. You DO NOT have to be currently living on campus to apply.


View the 2018-19 Housing Options at a Glance to compare all six of your housing options.  You can also view the websites of the communities themselves as listed here.

The cost of living in the communities offered varies significantly. For cost information go to theHousing Rates page or to the applicable ACC Community website.  

  1. Arroyo Vista (AV) Housing 
    Arroyo Vista offers an academic year contract to continuing undergraduates. If selected for this community, term of contract will be September 2018-June 2019. Arroyo Vista is one of the two least expensive on-campus housing options for guarantee students according to currently listed rates. It is also the only option for guarantee students with a CHP theme.

    We currently plan to have 3 honors houses next year (1006, 1010, and 1012), totaling 76 spaces.CHP students who are not in good standing will NOT be eligible for AV CHP Housing. “Good standing” means students are NOT on probation with the CHP and are making progress towards completing their CHP requirements.

    CHP students who wish to live in one of the CHP houses in Arroyo Vista must complete theCHP Continuing Student Guaranteed Housing Application Information 2018-2019 survey IN ADDITION TO completing the guaranteed housing application by 12:00 p.m., November 22nd. Students who BOTH indicate their preference through completing the CHP’s housing survey AND the guaranteed housing application will be offered spaces in the CHP Arroyo Vista houses on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Students who receive a community offer for Arroyo Vista will be sent a link (January 9, 2018) to an EEE survey that asks for theme house preferences. For a complete list and descriptions of all available Academic Theme Housing and Greek Housing, go to the AV website.

    Selection into any non-honors Academic Theme House in AV is dependent upon (1) student preferences, (2) fit with the theme (e.g., related major), (3) and space availability.

    GREEK HOUSING. Those students applying solely for Greek housing will follow the same application process as all other guarantees. The housing application will ask about your Greek affiliation, but requests to live in the AV Chapter house should go through your Greek Chapter. Students applying for Greek housing can contact the current Resident Advisor of their chapter house for more information.

    AV will be offering contracts on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure to apply early.

  2. Campus Village Apartments
  3. Camino Del Sol*
  4. Puerta Del Sol*
  5. Vista Del Campo (VDC)*
  6. Vista Del Campo Norte (VDC Norte)*

* If you really want one of the ACC communities as an option, rank it as your number 1 preference. The ACC communities ONLY offer year-round contracts. Summer or single quarter subletting options are permitted (which may be of particular interest to students planning to study abroad for a quarter). Contact individual ACC communities leasing offices for more details. Lease cancellation policies for these communities are more restrictive than the policy for AV & CV. Make sure you understand the terms of your lease (including cancellation policies) before you sign!

If you are offered a VDC, VDC Norte, Camino Del Sol, or Puerta Del Sol contract, and decline the offer, you will forfeit your guarantee. No switching to other communities at that point. If you choose to, you may apply to the housing waitlist when it opens in spring quarter.


  • Roommate requests are not made at the time of the guaranteed housing application.
  • You are more likely to be offered the same community as a friend if you both apply early and rank your community preferences in the same order.
  • If you and a friend are both offered housing in the same community, you may request to room with that person during the room/roommate assignment process. More information on that process will be provided in winter quarter.
  • The CHP themed AV houses are the only spaces where the CHP can assist with roommate pairings. Each community conducts their roommate matching process at different times. VDC, VDC Norte, Camino Del Sol, and Puerta Del Sol are at the end of Fall Quarter (and beginning of Winter quarter) and Arroyo Vista and Campus Village are during Spring Quarter.
  • If you are offered a space in AV, the January EEE survey that asks for theme preferences will also give you the option of providing the UCInetID of one person who you would like to be placed with in that community (pending available space). Both parties must rank their housing preferences in the same order and must request one another for the request to be considered. PLEASE NOTE: If you indicate your preference for the CHP houses in AV through the CHP’s housing survey, then any theme preference changes made on the January EEE AV survey will be invalidated.
  • If your desired roommate is not part of the CHP or another guarantee group, they can still apply and be placed on the Arroyo Vista or Campus Village waitlist, or apply directly with VDC, VDC Norte, Camino Del Sol, or Puerta Del Sol for their waitlists.
  • We cannot determine at this time how many, if any, spaces will be available for non-guarantee students wanting on-campus housing, so please do not ask us.

Students who plan to apply for an RA position and want to live on-campus next year, should also submit a guaranteed housing application so that in the event they are not selected for the position, they will have on-campus housing next year.  If you’re planning to apply, keep an eye out for information on the honors RA position later this quarter.

Undergraduates over 25 years of age as of the beginning of Fall 2018, married, or with children 
Students in these groups are NOT guaranteed, but may apply for Fall 2018 housing in Verano Place orPalo Verde. Single or married students over age 25 without children may also apply to live in Vista del Campo, Vista del Campo Norte, or Puerta Del Sol. Please note that all of these communities maintain their own waitlists, so check with them when applications open.

If you have specific questions/concerns not addressed above, contact honors@uci.edu or a Student Housing Advisor at housing@uci.edu or (949) 824-6811.

Humans of CHP: Hamid Abuwarda

November 6, 2017

Hamid Abuwarda is a Biological Sciences major. He was recently awarded the Barnes and Noble Scholarship that supports the development of a health literary program for underprivileged children in Santa Ana. His goal is to educate children and their families about healthy alternatives to everyday foods so that they can take charge of their own wellbeing.

If you are interested in health literacy and community service, Hamid is looking for an assistant to develop and implement this program! Email Hamid today at habuward@uci.edu

NAR Deadline Fast-Approaching!

November 6, 2017

The deadline for NAR Submissions and NAR’s Food-ography Contest Submissions is this THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9th at midnight! Send your poems, short stories, paintings, photographs, sketches, etc. to narchp@gmail.com for the chance to be published in NAR’s Fall issue! We look forward to seeing everyone’s talent and creativity!

Bio 94 Winter 2018 Enrollment Update

November 6, 2017

Attn: First-Year Bio Sci majors!

Bio H94 will not be offered in winter 2018; CHP first-year bio majors should enroll in Bio 94 this winter instead in order to remain on track with their major requirements.