Web-based Image Archive Strategies

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Updates (What’s new?):

  • New “organizations” structure implemented:

    • Justification: there was a need to supply users of other departments/organizations on campus to manage their own archives of images.

    • Accomplished by designating each user based on their departmental credentials.

    • For example, a user from Athletics can maintain athletic’s images, the library could have it’s own set of image ownership, etc…

    • Guests and non-admin users of the image archive will see a bridged collection of all these organizationally compartmentalized image assets.

  • New user role, “Manager”:

    • Justification: by creating organizational compartments for the archive, the Administrator role was a global role which could not be compartmentalized to one particular organization.

    • A Manager can simply be the administrator for their own organization.

  • Collections:

    • Justification: we have to be able to supply a bundle of image assets not just based on a topic, event, or subject, but also a broader level of these, as well as image types and purpose.

    • A larger “set” for sets.

  • Impromptu batch editing:

    • Instead of having to create a group of images in order to batch edit them, administrators can now select any random images from the admin area’s asset listings.

  • Images and Sets have more visible flagging of whether they are Public/Private (whether they show up to non-administering users or not).


Potential Organization Stakeholders:

  • Since Strategic Comms/News is not the only provider of image assets on campus, and now that we have the organization infrastructure in place, the image archive is a potential tool for:

    • Admissions (recruitment marketing)

    • Athletics (sports highlights, promotions, and marketing)

    • Arts (exposure to the community)

    • Advancement

    • Libraries (external archive distribution)

    • any other department or school that has a need to manage and share image media assets digitally.

Planned for the Next Phase:

  • Extensive list filtering for assets.

  • Quick toggling of asset/set publicity (public/private).

  • Exporting of sets to Flickr