Current Themes

Changing the look of your UCI Sites website is easy with just a few clicks. A WordPress Theme is a collection of files that work together to change the design. UCI Sites currently has a diverse collection of  themes which you can browse in Themes > Installed Themes.

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As of April 22, 2016

  1. Beautiful Pro (Child Theme of Genesis)
  2. Chicano/Latino Studies, School of Social Science
  3. Claire Trevor School of the Arts
  4. Cognitive Sciences, School of Social Science
  5. Coraline
  6. Department of Anthropology, School of Social Sciences
  7. Department of Economics, School of Social Sciences
  8. Department of Political Science, School of Social Sciences
  9. Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences
  10. Education Pro (Child Theme of Genesis)
  11. eleven40 Pro Theme (Child Theme of Genesis)
  12. Esplanade
  13. Genesis UCI Theme (Default)
  14. Legacy (Child Theme of Genesis)
  15. Lifestyle Pro (Child Theme of Genesis)
  16. Logic and Philosophy, School of Social Sciences
  17. MistyLook
  18. Parallax Pro (Child Theme of Genesis)
  19. Pinboard UCI
  20. Prose (Child Theme of Genesis)
  21. Spacious
  22. Twenty Eleven
  23. Twenty Fifteen
  24. Twenty Fourteen
  25. Twenty Sixteen
  26. Twenty Thirteen
  27. Twenty Twelve
  28. UCI Bio Faculty Theme
  29. Whitespace Pro Theme (Child Theme of Genesis)