Custom CSS

The Custom CSS Manager allows you add your own Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to any theme you are using on Sites@UCI. While it is not possible to edit one of the shared themes, if you know how to write CSS you can make changes to the appearance of your site using this tool.

Note: Only site administrators have access to use the Custom CSS Manager. This is an advanced tool requiring knowledge of CSS.

Using Custom CSS Manager

  1. Go to Settings > Custom CSS Manager
    Custom CSS Manager

  2. You will see a box allowing you to type or paste in your custom CSS code.
    Custom CSS Manager code
  3. Click Save Changes and preview your site to see if the changes work as expected.

Note: You should keep a backup copy of your CSS file in the event something goes wrong. Simply copy and paste the code into a text editor and keep locally on your computer. If you ever lose your custom code, you can paste it back in.

CSS Resources

Here are some resources to help you with writing CSS.



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