Managing Storage Space Quota

All Sites@UCI sites and blogs come with 250MB of storage. This storage space limit is only for media uploads like images, files (PDF, Word, Excel) etc. It does not affect how much content you can write and publish.

Checking Your Storage Space Quota

  1. Login to your site or blog.
  2. In your Dashboard, look in the At a Glance pane.
  3. At the bottom of the pane, you should see your Storage Space limit and how much you have used.
    At a Glance - Storage Use

Tips to Stay Within the Quota

Resize your images before you upload them.

Modern digital cameras, including camera phones, take high resolution images which also have large file sizes. Using the high resolution images are not necessary on a website or blog. They will slow down your site as your readers try to download the full size image.

Resize your images in WordPress

  1. Go to Media > LIbrary
  2. Select the image you want to resize.
  3. Click the Edit Image button below the image.
    Edit Image
  4. Under Scale Image adjust the settings down. The height and width are proportional. Changing one will change the other.
  5. Click Scale. This will resize the image.
  6. Click Update to update the image.
  7. Click the X to close the overview.
  8. You can see the new file size if you view the Media Library in list view.

Tips If You’ve Gone Over Quota

Check Your Media Library for Duplicates

  1. Go to Media > Library
  2. View your uploaded files including images.
  3. See if you have duplicates and delete them.

Check the File Sizes of Uploaded Images and Replace Large Ones

  1. View your Media Library
  2. Click the List View button.
    Media Library List View
  3. Sort by file size by clicking on the Space Used heading. Click again to sort largest to smallest.
  4. You should see how large the file is and how much quota is being used.
    Media Library File Sizes
  5. You can download the image, resize it and replace it with the smaller version.

Host Photos on another Service

If your site has a lot of images and you need them to be high resolution, you can host them on another service and add them by URL. For example, is a photo sharing website that offers 1 Terabyte of storage for free. UCI Google Apps may be another option for image hosting.

I’ve tried all the tips, but am still over quota.

  • Contact us. We may be able to increase your quota. Please keep in mind that this is a shared service. We host more than 2,500 blogs and websites.