Trump’s Billion and Trillion Dollar Non-Disclosures

Trump’s Billion and Trillion Dollar Non-Disclosures

So Trump has beyond-the-grave non-disclosure agreements in his Trump Organization Business, his Campaign, and his White House.

Since Trump’s family is involved in his business, and he no doubts seeds their separate businesses, they also must have lifelong non-disclosure and non-criticizing agreements.

While Omarosa is being sued by the Campaign for disclosures, the White House, and even the Campaign agreements are said to be un-enforceable, as previously ruled by courts. My guess is that the suits are temporarily being pursued to cost her in lawyers, and to temporarily restrain her from revealing more. My guess is that like most Trump threatened suits, they will not be pursued to trial. The threat to Trump of losing such a suit is enormous. One loss is like a crack in the dam, the floodwaters of hundreds of disclosures would sweep him out of office. Another analogy, would be a House of Cards.

This last week’s tussles have introduced a new term into the nation’s vocabulary, NDAs, or Non-Disclosure Agreements.

While both Clinton’s much pursued attacks concerned millions of dollars, as a billionaire, Trump’s concealments start at the hundreds of millions in alleged loans, tax breaks, tax liabilities, and fraud.

Trump’s trade deal in releasing a total trade sanction against a possibly subversive Chinese phone company at the same time as China loaned the Trump Organization a half a billion dollars for an Indonesian resort development is well known. So is White House Aide Jared Kushner’s receiving a Middle Eastern loan for a half billion dollars, at the same time that sanctions on Qatar were released.

But the killer is the campaign and after efforts to remove sanctions on Russia for invading Crimea and Eastern Ukraine. Indeed, Trump tried to justify these invasions since both regions have Russian speakers. Not that they had met any UN criteria for self determination through a fair vote.

Russia did not take Crimea to help Russian speakers. With Crimea, Russia has access to 200 miles of oil resources in the Black Sea, with an estimated value of a Trillion dollars. Putin himself has a geology degree based on a thesis that he would fund a Russian Renaissance based on Russia’s natural resources. He also “captured” the Eastern Ukraine based on the valuable mines there. We know Russia’s crucial influence in Europe by supplying them with natural gas for heating in the winter. It has a hold over Ukraine the same way.

Nobody has any idea what hold Putin may have over Trump. My own belief is the most valuable debt Trump has to Putin is Putin’s aid in getting Trump elected by election hacking and their influence campaign. This is possibly the biggest NDA in the world right now, and we hope for the health of the nation that Special Counsel Mueller can get to the bottom of it. On Putin’s side, this is the Trillion dollar question concerning Crimea and Ukraine.

The second biggest NDA is Trump’s insistence on meeting alone with Putin for hours, and then remaining mum about what was discussed even to his National Security team and the Department of State. I think the country has just again been distracted by Trump’s reality show shenanigans to forget that the public, and possibly the government, is still in the dark about the meeting. It seems ludicrous that Trump would have asked Putin to sign an NDA, but did Putin make Trump sign one?

It is unfortunate for the Republican Party and those that work in the White House that the NDAs do not work both ways. When somebody leaves the White House, or even stays (Jeff Sessions), they can be subject to schoolyard bullying by Trump, much to the denigration of Trump’s reputation, and the embarrassment of his White House leadership, and his Republican Party sycophants.

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The Need for a 28th Amendment on Abusing Social Media, Lying, and More

The Need for a 28th Amendment on Abusing Social Media, Lying, and More

The last Amendment to the Constitution was passed in 1992, long before the rise of social media, and before the occurrence of the Trump Presidency of Lies. (Oddly, this 27th Amendment, about Congressional salaries, was proposed in 1789, and took 202 years to pass.). The more relevant 25th Amendment, passed in 1967, about the Vice President responding to Presidential disabilities, has proved ineffective in motivating a very supposedly moral VP from responding to moral violations in the category of “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!”

Social Media did not exist in 1967, nor did full-time partisan Cable channels, which cover the President’s every word and appearance. These have changed the entire political system, and deserve to be responded to by a new Amendment.

The violations by a President to be curbed start with Daily insults of great Americans, world leaders, other politicians, the Justice Department, and the free press, using Social Media, currently Twitter.

The other violations, enhanced by the media, are constant Lying. Trump has over 4,000 fact-checked lies, and is on a pace to exceed 10,000 during his first term. Remember when President Bill Clinton was Impeached for A SINGLE LIE? Obviously, this is far greater than ever conceived of during our government of the 229 years of the Constitution. This is enhanced by constant media availability and coverage, and has to be controlled. This is no way to lead the greatest economy, the strongest military, and the most technologically advanced country in the World.

Rather than relying on the hand chosen VP or the toadying, obeisant Cabinet, to act as in the 25th Amendment, the new one must REQUIRE and INITIATE impeachment proceedings by the House and Senate for easily determined violation of political norms.

As an example, I would recommend that lies in a single Presidential term be limited to 1,000. And insults in media also be limited to 1,000 in a Presidential term. Also, attacks on the free press, such as FAKE News, should be limited to 1,000. And attacks on the Justice system, such as WITCH HUNT, should be limited to 1,000. Also, acting like you own every American industry, and sports team, and athlete’s contract, would be limited to 1,000 bossy and ridiculous incidents.

In cases of lies and insults directed at members of groups that have been historically devalued and discriminated against, when a President insults their members, it is much more serious since the consisten set of racial, religious, or gender insults accrue and are deeply felt by the entire group.  Hence, such insults or lies should count at least five times as much as those to individuals.  I did not initially realize this, but Trump’s actions this week brought forth this necessity.  When a President insults doubly sensitive people, such as a minority workman, they should count ten points.

The other aspect of Presidential inaction is temporal, again required by Trump’s actions.  For every month a President delays denouncing a racist or misogynistic group, it should count ten points.  Trump would lose 120 points for taking an entire year to denounce racist demonstrations.

Finally, attacks by a President on counter demonstrators or the press that result in violence, should cost that President 100 points.

The amendment could be called the “Impeachment by a Thousand Lies and Insults” Amendment. Trump likes to say that people internationally are laughing at us. This Amendment will produce international mass hysterical laughter. I am not responsible for such consequences of suggesting this Amendment, since it is a necessary act of Patriotism.

Unfortunately, insults and lies cannot be controlled during campaigning, when voters decide on Presidents, nor can insults and lies in private be covered.

Other Amendments should be formulated to prevent the Concentration in Presidential Hands of Military Power, of Trade Tariffs, and of Secret, Lone meetings with International Enemies.

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Ohio Gerrymandering, and the 12th District Special Election

Ohio Gerrymandering, and the 12th District Special Election

We will look at Gerrymandering in Ohio from a few viewpoints, and then the Ohio 12th special election.

Ohio has 16 Congressional Districts, and they are currently 12 Republican and 4 Democratic. That is a three to one R/D ratio. But, Ohio has been a bellwether state, having favored elected Presidents. They voted for Obama and Clinton. That is the first evidence that Ohio should be more equally represented.

But maybe this equality was severely skewed by the last election, and House seats follow the latest election. Trump won Ohio with 51.3% of the votes, Clinton got 43.2%, Johnson got 3.2%, and others 1.0% independent, and others 1.3%. Out of 16 seats, a one seat excess or 9 to 7 Republican split would be 56.25% to 43.75%, or a 12.5% split. Yet, the actual election split was only 8.1%. And Trump got nowhere near a 56.25% majority, while Clinton almost matched the 43.75% split. So the last election result would have at most justified a 9 to 7 split. Yet Trump’s 51.3% could also be taken as much closer to an 8 to 8 equal split.

A 9 to 7 split would be a 1.29 to 1 R/D ratio, rather than the present 3 to 1.

Let’s look at the Presidential results from the District distribution, looking for “packing” of Democrats into a few districts. Trump did win 12 of the 16 districts, and his wins topped out at 69%, 65%, and 64%, with the other wins being in the 50s. Clinton’s wins were in 4 districts, and were 81%, 67%, 59%, and 51%. The 81% in the 11th District, and the 67% in the 3rd District do look packed, although Trump’s 69% in the 6th District was also packed.

Now we cover yesterday’s remarkable result of a near tie in Ohio’s 12th District, with about 100,000 votes for each candidate. In 2016, Republican Pat Tiberi won that district with 66.6% of the vote, to Democrat Ed Albertson 29.8%, and Green Party Joe Manchik at 3.6%. The votes in that General Election were 251,266 for Tiberi, 112,638 for Albertson, and 13,474 for Manchik. The total votes for those three were 377,378 votes.

In the Ohio 12th, in 2016, Trump beat Clinton by 53% to 42%, which is close to the state result of 51% to 43%.  Tiberi had served nine terms in Congress, succeeding John Kasich.  So the real breakdown of the district might be more like Trump’s 8 percent Republican lead.  FiveThirtyEight political site has this district as 14 points more Republican leaning.

In several contrasts, last night, in a special election for a Representative until next January, Republican Troy Balderson got 101,772 for 50.1%, Democrat Danny O’Connor got 100,208 for 49.3%, and Green Party Joe Manchik got 1,129 for 0.6%.

Update:  About 600 uncounted votes were found, reducing the Republican lead to 1,564 votes.  The uncounted ballots are now stated in Huffington Post as 1,722 provisional ballots, and 1,750 absentee ballots.  The New York Times says 3.435 provisional ballots are still to be counted, as originally reported on TV networks.  The voting numbers above have been updated to the new 600 ballots counted.

Total votes were 202,521, or only 53.7% of the General Election vote. The Democratic vote yesterday was 88.6% of the General Election, while the Republican vote was only 40.4% of the General Election.

A Democratic pessimist could say that the Democrats got an impressive but almost maximal turnout, while the Republicans were unmotivated voting for a 5 month House term with nothing else on the ballot, and still have 60% of their voters on the bench. It’s also possible that they were turned off by Trump’s uninvited visit to their District, since he combated their two-term Governor, John Kasich, in the primaries, and insulted their sports and education hero, LeBron James. Exit polls and voter precinct analyses could settle these questions.

To Ohio’s credit, it has passed a bill to have the legislature draft the next reapportionment bill in 2021, which will give some weight to the minority party.  But that is still two elections and 4 years of Gerrymandered representation away.

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Commission on School Safety: Hear No Guns; See No Guns; Speak No Guns; Write No Guns.

Commission on School Safety: Hear No Guns; See No Guns; Speak No Guns; Write No Guns.

An excellent and thorough article in the LA Times on August 7, by Eliza Fawcett, exposes the carefully orchestrated actions of the Federal Commission on School Safety to avoid discussing gun control in any shape or form. Even in my legally uneducated mind, this is a clear violation of the Constitution’s First Amendment guaranteeing free speech rights, and the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. If you invite a hundred speakers, but do not allow a leading gun control group to speak, namely, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, you are violating free speech by not allowing the many members of that group to express their views through the group’s leaders.

This is especially ironic, since one of the four members of the Commission is Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. The Brady Campaign was started after the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, on March 30, 1981, in which President Reagan, Press Secretary James Brady, Timothy McCarthy, and Thomas Delahanty were wounded. Brady suffered brain damage and was permanently disabled, and died in 2014 from his injuries. Reagan had a broken rib, a punctured lung, and serious internal bleeding, but recovered. The assassin, John Hinckley Jr was mentally disturbed, and should never have been in possession of a gun. This is exactly the scenario that happens in many school shootings. It is ABSURD for the head of Homeland Security not to be sensitive to the implications of gun ownership in these cases.

That attack took place 37 years ago.  That was a full 9 Presidential terms.  We still are facing the same issues.

The LA Times article exposes the essentially NRA’s Trumpian Wall around the hearings to censor allowed speakers, to omitting gun control 5 minute speeches in the record, and the lack of the cabinet members’ attending meetings. The Commission has become a Sham, run by Sham cabinet members, in service to their Sham President. The other members of the Commission are Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

Laws to prevent gun possession until age 21, limiting magazine size, limiting semi-automatic weapons, taking guns from those with mental problems, requiring gun safes or locks in households with minors, requiring fingerprint locks on guns, and requiring universal background checks can all prevent such tragedies. The growing rate of teen suicides can also be prevented by these measures.

As the title of this article suggests, it is ABSURD for the Administration’s single Commission on School Safety to ignore the obvious semi-automatic, 150 round magazine, bump stock equipped, unlocked, un-background checked, taken by a minor with an incredulously long string of mental problems and police calls, gorilla in the room.

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Trump’s Rescue Strategy: STEP IT UP!

Trump’s Rescue Strategy: STEP IT UP!

Trump is stepping up his attack on the press and media to essentially full time. He is the key person who knows how much he is culpable. He is acting like the investigation is closing in on him.

His first desperation strategy is to do everything possible to kill the investigation.

Then, instruct your loyal lawyer to seem to independently come up with all sorts Presidential powers which give you a get home free card. Like, collusion is not a crime. Like, the President can pardon himself. Like, you can enlist foreign influence, even in public, calling on our most potent enemy to hack your opponent and reveal her emails, both crimes by themselves. Like, the President isn’t bound by the emoluments clause. Like, the Constitution is more like the Pirate’s Code, just a guide.

Spend all of your campaign speech of supposed support, to your very embarrassed and desperate Republican colleague, on attacking the media and press. Step up your lies from 6 a day to 16 a day. At least doubling or tripling down as usual. After all, who is counting or fact checking?  Stir up your audiences until there are real attacks to strike fear into the press and media. The media will replay these media attacking sequences over and over again to generate the crops that the media feeds on: RATINGS.

By Trump’s own actions we expect the investigation results to be very critical and demeaning, even if not impeachment material. He is pre-planning to counter this by convincing everybody, or at least his loyal followers, that the news is FAKE NEWS, no matter what they say.

And so it goes.

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Trump’s West Coast Trifecta of Doom

Trump’s West Coast Trifecta of Doom

Three environmental topics that I wanted to write about are now, in time and space, all connected, and all point to one villain: Trump.

The three topics start with Trump’s toadying denial of climate change, in order to receive campaign contributions from the rich oil barons. This summer is breaking temperature records in California, in the Western US, and around the world. It is already affecting crops, which eventually lead to starvation and political upheavals. He has already met with the leading climate change actors in the world, and budged not an inch in restoring or replacing the Paris accords. Instead, the EPA and the rest of his government has now embedded climate adaptation destructors to man a war against climate science.

The record temperatures and heat waves are now attributed to global warming, and have been steadily increasing over three and five decades. These are drying out brush and forests, and leading to record breaking wildfires in our Western states. Trump will make sympathetic appearances when hurricanes and floods damage his needed states of Texas and Florida, but not to opposition Western states damaged by wildfires. The costs are rising into the billions and impacting state budgets. Over a thousand houses have been wiped out in California, and many lives have been lost.

Finally, Trump has frozen the federal CAFE standards on automobile efficiency at the 2021 standard of 37 mpg, and abandoning the idealistic Obama goal of 54 mpg in nearby 2025. He could have just set a lower goal for 2025, but still including some progress over 2021. Importantly for California and thirteen other states, he has removed their waiver to exert States Rights, and establish their own standards, as done by past California Governor Ronald Reagan. This will immediately be challenged in court by California and the other states. The remarkable progress that California has made in reducing our smog was because of variances like these, and yet still leaves us with most of the smoggiest areas in the country. Whatever sketchy arguments Trump has about saving lives by letting us still drive around In gas-guzzling tanks, people do die from air pollution and suffer from air pollution and asthma attacks all the time. The fact that the US will not be producing many low emission cars will damage us in foreign markets, which Trump was encouraging in his trade wars.

This isn’t just a bad week, or month, or summer, or year for Western states in these arenas. This will go on forever.

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Dear Donald, What Does It Taste Like to Lick the Boots of the NRA on Plastic Guns?

Dear Donald, What Does It Taste Like to Lick the Boots of the NRA on Plastic Guns?

Instead of turning to the NRA to ask about printed plastic guns, why didn’t you ask the Secret Service first? They risk their lives to protect you.

Why didn’t you ask the TSA, who protects all of us air travelers, and our families, from hijackers or terrorists? Why didn’t you ask the airlines? Why didn’t you ask us, the passengers? Is it just that you and all of your billionaire friends travel by private jets, so it doesn’t matter a whit to you or them?

Why didn’t you ask any police association, who’s lives are always at risk, and protect you and the public at any large event?

Why didn’t you ask all school children and their teachers, who all have to go through screening devices every day to make them feel safe at school?

Who in your Justice Department cancelled their victory in this case, of blocking the release of the software plans to print these guns, without telling you about it and about their security and political consequences?

You said that you would “look into it”. How come every time, concerning guns or school safety, you delay action until the public attention turns elsewhere, and your “looking into it” turns into a Trump Nothingburger?

Do you and your political advisors realize that EVERY SINGLE TIME a printed gun is used in a crime, or a shooting, it will be laid AT YOUR FEET?

I hope you enjoy licking the NRA boots.

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Trump’s Homework for Dictatorship 101, Lesson 4: Purge, Purge, Purge

Trump’s Homework for Dictatorship 101, Lesson 4: Purge, Purge, Purge

In Trump’s course from Czar Vlad Putin, Trump has successively completed the first three lessons in becoming a dictator:

Lesson 1: Destroy the Free Press everyday, in everywhere. Everyone in the Free Press, and we, have covered this in excruciatingly disappointing detail.

Lesson 2: Set up the State Media, which he has done both by setting up a Fox News structure with Fox News executives and commentators running the White House. He has also canonized Hannity on Fox News as an official State Media.

Lesson 3: Take over foreign policy using Trump’s “I am the only one who matters” outlook. Meet alone with other world dictators, and give no accounting for what went on. Totally disgrace your new Secretary of State by making him pretend that he knows something about your meeting with Putin, while telling him nothing.

Lesson 4: Purge, Purge, Purge. Start with getting Congress to impeach the Deputy Attorney General, and replacing him with someone who could end the Witch Hunt, or fire the head Witch hunter. Next, cut out any White House press Corp representative who asks questions that you or Sarah don’t like. Ignore the fact that this is an unconstitutional “Prior Restraint on Free Speech”, and freedom of the press. Require that all TVs on Air Force One only show State Media Fox News. Make sure that your followers see no other side of the news, especially, your wife. Remove Deep State experts from the executive branch Departments. Back the opponents of incumbent Republicans who have not sworn fealty to you.

Lesson 5: Offer some secret and free concessions to Putin to give you another free lesson in dictatorship.

Lesson 6: Prepare your dictator nickname, such as Donald the Smart and Stable.

Lesson 7: Appoint a Supreme Court Justice who has ruled that you cannot be indicted for ordinary crimes. Hire a lawyer who says that you can pardon yourself.

Lesson 8: Show that anyone who crosses your lines in the sand, will lose their children.


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Deeper Physics Discussions of “Antman and the Wasp”

Deeper Physics Discussions of “Antman and the Wasp”.

Even if I conclude that Antman and the Wasp’s shrinking and reexpanding are not physically possible, thinking about them allows one to present physics teaching in an interesting context.

First I will calculate the energy needed by E = m c^2 for Antman to reexpand with his full mass. Then I will explain that Baryon number and lepton number conservation would not allow this to happen.

We will use the MKS system or Meters-Kilogram-Second system, often called the metric system. The formulas we use are first Newton’s second law of motion: F = m a, or force = mass X acceleration. Then we use the equation for energy expended as a force times a distance. Then, we convert the energy to electrical energy as watt hours, and compare it to the US yearly electrical energy production.  Finally, we convert the energy to megatons of TNT.

We start with the energy appearing after shrinking or disappearing the mass of a 70 kg man, or supplying the energy to recreate him. At 2.2 pounds per kilogram, this would be a fit and medium height 154 pound man.

Einsteins formula for the amount of energy stored in mass is the remarkable but easy E = m c^2. We now calculate this for Antman in the MKS system. The velocity of light c is 3 X 10^8 meters per second, or m/s. We will separate out the units of mass X acceleration to make the MKS unit of force, being a Newton, abbreviated as “n”.

E = m c^2 = 70 kg X (3 X 10^8 m/s)^2 = 630 X 10^16 (kg m/s^2) X m = 6300 X 10^15 n X m.

The Newton X meter is now the unit of a force times a distance, or energy, whose MKS unit is a joule. So:

E = 6300 X 10^15 joules.

We now convert that to TeraWatt hours (TWh), where Tera means 10^12 (mega is 10^6, and Giga is 10^9).

A joule is a Watt of power X 1 second. So a TeraWatt hour of energy is:

TWh = 10^12 Watt X 3600 sec = 3.6 X 10^ 15 joules.

This allows us to convert energy in joules to energy in TWh:

E = 6300 X 10^15 joule X 1 TWh / 3.6 X 10^15 joule = 6300/3.6 TWh = 1750 TWh.

The US electrical output in 2016 was 3762 TWh. So the Energy in Antman’s mass is about half of the US yearly electrical energy output. More precisely the fraction is

1750 / 3762 = 0.465 or 46.5%.

Since this much energy is given off in a small space, we also want to convert E in joules to megatons of TNT. 1 megaton of TNT =. 4.184 X 10^15 joules. The energy given off by Antman’s shrinking is then:

E = 6300 X 10^15 joule X 1 megaton / 4.184 X 10^15 joules = 1,506 megatons of TNT.

Since the START treaty limits the US and Russia to 1,500 readily usable nuclear weapons each, that would be the total output of each nuclear force if each warhead was as large as a megaton.

This illustrates how much m c^2 energy is stored merely in each of our bodies.

Fortunately, none of this is available, unless Antman met anti-Antman, or even any anti-matter object, which would be composed totally of antimatter.

We cannot annihilate any part of ourselves because of the stability of protons and neutrons. Since protons and neutrons are two kinds of heavy strongly interacting particles, they are also called Baryons. Baryon number is totally conserved by itself, as far as we know. Of course a free neutron decays into a lighter proton plus electron plus an anti-electron neutrino, but Baryon number is still conserved here, since both proton and neutron have the same baryon number.

Enormous tanks of clear water have been monitored for decades, in the experiment called Super-Kamiokande in Japan, and no proton decays to lighter particles have been seen. This experiment gives lower limits on the order of 10^52 years for the lifetime of the proton. Compare this to the actual existence of the universe of 13.7 billion (10^9) years.

There also is a conservation of electron number. This is not absolute, because of virtual neutrino oscillations, but the particles the electron could turn into are heavier, and would not occur spontaneously in a decay.

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Is It Moral to Wipe Out the Persian Civilization Because of Trump’s Machismo?

Is it Moral to Wipe Out the Persian Civilization Because of Trump’s Machismo?

The words “macho” and “machismo” haven’t been popular for a while. But we haven’t had a President who takes threats, which are just words, as a personal affront and challenge to his machismo.

This has an analogy in Trump’s responses to athletes kneeling before the national anthem as a form of protest. Trump acts as if this is a personal affront to his person. It certainly is related to Trump’s policies. Even before that started, Trump had proposed severe penalties for those who burned the American flag, which is Constitutionally protected free speech.

Trump responded the same to Kim Jong Un’s threats of nuclear strikes, with “fire and fury” as never before seen. Does Trump think that his threats brought Kim to the negotiating table, and Kim’s promise to denuclearize.

Is Trump’s anger at Iran also fueled by his apparent fear of and disdain for Muslims? Trump included Iran in one of his seven countries from which even visitors were to be banned.

The whole confrontation would have been avoided had Trump not violated the multinational denuclearization treaty with Iran by withdrawing from it, and preparing to start up sanctions again.

For completeness, we reprint Trump’s tweeted warning, in all caps, as he so tweeted. (What is really scary is when Trump goes to bold faced, italicized, and underlined all caps.)


I like the addition of the “!” to emphasize the threat of total nuclear annihilation. Really? I guess that there is not a nuclear explosion emoji yet, but Trump sorely needs one.

Let’s try the addition of boldface, italics, underlined and all caps, to see how much scarier it is: HEAR ME NOW!!!!! Notice how much more effective five exclamation points can be? This just emphasizes that words and styles is not a reason to even think of nuclear annihilation.

Actually, none of this is a joking matter. One of Trump’s election problems and continuing problems is people realizing that this man, who’s ego is on his sleeve, can solely launch the US into a mutually destroying nuclear war. Yet Republicans have not been interested in exploring any solutions, or even admitting that it is our most urgent real problem. Oy vey.

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