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I am a retired Professor of Physics and Astronomy at U C Irvine. For a decade I have been active in learning about energy and the environment, and in lecturing and attending classes at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UC Irvine.

California Colleges in the Top 200 Student Choice Rankings, 2015

The college application website has ranked the favorite college choices among applicants using their website and system.  The rankings are based on more than 440,000 acceptances.  Here we just pick out the ranked California colleges in the top 200.  … Continue reading

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California University Applicants’ preferences for Students with Multiple Admissions is a website that allows prospective undergraduate students to apply to multiple universities with the same forms.  It also keeps track of who is admitted where, and what their final choice is.  We show how that works out for … Continue reading

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Physics Graduate Programs in 2015 US News and World Report Rankings

  We list the top 43 Physics graduate programs, which include most of the California campuses. 1 MIT 2 tie     Caltech     Harvard     Princeton     Stanford     UC Berkeley 7 tie     Cornell     U. Chicago 9 U. … Continue reading

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Rankings of California Universities Among Public Universities, 2015

  US News and World’s Report College Rankings, 2015, separates a list of public universities. Here are California Universities in the rankings. Since rankings don’t really give the relative strengths in the criteria used, I also include in parentheses the … Continue reading

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California Universities in US News and World Report 2015 Best Colleges

  First we list the top 10 nationwide to give them their full credit, and for comparison. In the list, first is their ranking, then their name, then in parentheses their overall scores, then their student to faculty ratios, and … Continue reading

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The ill logic of the phrase “We’re recording this call for quality purposes”.

  I of course assume that they are calling to get me to somehow commit to buying something, so I usually beg off by saying something about just not responding to such calls. I used to cite civil liberties. Now … Continue reading

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Freedom of speech, knowledge, and net neutrality

Is freedom of speech and knowledge transference going to be helped or hurt by the abolition of net neutrality? Net neutrality means everything gets the same priority without extra charges over the usual provider access charges. Its loss would mean … Continue reading

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Ignoring Climate Change’s Effects on our Military Endangers Our Troops

The House has just passed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization bill to not allow the Department of Defense to implement any of the results of any US or international climate change studies.  The vote was largely along party … Continue reading

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The UC Budget in the 2014-15 California Governor’s Budget

This is an accounting of the UC Budget in the May 13, 2014 revision of the 2014-15 California Governor’s Budget.  I don’t use rounding off. The Total California Budget for 2014-15 is $156.152 billion. The State Budget for Higher Education … Continue reading

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Fact checking Bill Maher on German Green Power

Bill Maher did a service this Friday by discussing climate change. But he did mislead on the point about Germany’s achievement on Green Power or renewables. He said that Germany was running on 74% renewables. One of the panel, Ian … Continue reading

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