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More on the Solar Cell Tariff

More on the Solar Cell Tariff The most surprising thing about the Trump solar cell tariff is that the solar cells are not even made in China. The tariff actually applies to all countries because of this. Competitively, to make … Continue reading

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Green Energy Decisions that Individuals Can Make

In making changes in our uses of energy in order to become sustainable, much can be done on the large scale of our governments and our energy plants and utilities. However, in the end use, we personally are responsible for … Continue reading

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Comparisons of California Utilities 2016 Power Sources and Emissions

Comparisons of California Utilities’ Power Sources and Emissions We compare the Power Content Labels of leading California utilities for 2016 as to their sources.   We also estimate their mean emissions as pounds of CO2 per kiloWatt hour (kWh) of … Continue reading

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Laguna Beach Visitor versus Resident Pollution

Laguna Beach Visitor versus Resident Pollution David Hanssen has an LA Times article trying to count Laguna Beach visitors. The city says 3 million a year. Visit Laguna says 6 million. But there are only 2,000 parking spaces. And only … Continue reading

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