Project Mission

The Office of Information Technology, the Office of Research, and the UCI Libraries are conducting a campus-wide study of faculty’s and other researchers’ current usage of, and anticipated needs for, research computing resources.

This study, named the Faculty Assessment of the State of Research Computing at UCI (FASRC) involves a faculty-led workgroup which will complete an assessment of UCI research computing infrastructure and services.

We are using the term “research computing” to reflect the use of computing, storage, network and associated equipment and software in computation, or in data processing in all its forms, to advance research. Research computing encompasses computers, research-oriented software, network connectivity, storage, laboratory and field analytical instruments, visualization and other related technologies.

This study will include a survey directed to all faculty, a series of small focus groups with faculty, a forum/town hall meeting to be held during Fall quarter 2012, and a report to the campus CIO, the Vice Chancellor of Research and the UCI Librarian, outlining future directions for expanded support of research computing on campus.