About Our Programs

Womens Circle Series:

The Women’s Circle Series supports, educates and assists women on their journeys of their intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual empowerment through a wide variety of workshops and events.

Women of Color Series:

The Women of Color Series is a series that addresses the unique challenges that women of color face in society. The series provides a variety of forums for discussion and resources to reduce historical racial stereotypes and barriers that many women of color face.

Professional Women Series:

The Professional Women Series is a programmatic series that seeks to redress gender inequity and in doing so, support and advance women’s personal and professional development and empower them to reach their fullest potential.

The Men’s Room Series:

The Men’s Room was created to address issues specific to men/males and is led by men/males. It is a males only space that invites dialogue about social, personal and societal issues facing men/males.

Gender Education Initiative:

The Gender Education Initiative is a series that opens dialogue into marginalized groups as well as topics that have historic significance but may not be receiving attentions. It is intended to be a springboard for better-informed decision making for individuals.