UC Irvine’s Inaugural Autism AppJam

In April 2013, UC Irvine’s Department of Informatics at the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences and the Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders of Southern California honored Autism Awareness month by holding the very first Autism AppJam, a competition to create mobile apps to benefit those with autism. The two-week event kicked off on April 5, 2013 and ended on April 19, 2013 with a formal judging and public viewing event. Among the judges were representatives of competition sponsors including Blizzard Entertainment, Google, Yahoo and IBM.

photo 2

Chanel Fischetti, MS3, and Jacob Blickenstaff, MS3, TheraConnect app

On April 19th, 21 teams presented mobile apps to the team of judges that addressed a variety of social, emotional and cognitive needs of individuals with autism. UC Irvine School of Medicine students Chanel Fischetti, MS3, and Jacob Blickenstaff, MS3, along with their teammate Chris Dinh, Computer Science, spent their two-weeks developing the TheraConnect app. The goal of TheraConnect is to provide access to recreational resources for teenagers and adults on the spectrum of autism through a safe, social network designed specifically for them. Such a network would allow members to connect with others who share their same interests and needs and find the local resources and activities through which they would be able to physically interact with and gain support from their peers. TheraConnect also helps to address a gap that exists in providing resources for older, higher-functioning persons on the spectrum of autism that are often overlooked as programs are more often designed and targeted to the needs of young children.

The winners of the 2013 Autism AppJam were as follows:

1st Place: Team Imaginateurs for their app, Visual Reader – an app that allowed users to touch on a word in a presented reading passage and see a visual representation of the word to support the connection from text to the physical world. The framework behind this simple concept could be applied for readers at any age level and difficulty.

photo 1

Team Imaginateurs, Visual Reader app

2nd Place: Team Solace for their app, ImLost

3rd Place: Team College Hero Guild for their app, College Hero

Hopefully, this successful and inspiring event will be the first of many to support autism in the years to come.

For more information on the Autism AppJam: http://thecenter4autism.org/appjam


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Student Job Opportunity at Visible Health (the makers of drawMD)

Students, we wanted to pass along an opportunity for you to get involved with Visible Health and drawMD.  They are looking for part-time help with clinical content management, to work with their clinical user base to drive content prioritization and creation.  Visible Health is moving in a direction where communities of users can drive the direction of the content and are looking for clinically-minded help to make that happen.

Here’s a link to the job description:



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Khan Academy Competition for Medical Students

The AAMC, Khan Academy, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)  announced a new  collaboration to provide free, online resources to help students prepare for the revised MCAT that will be administered in 2015. To develop the new content, they will sponsor a competition to encourage medical students and residents to create educational tutorials (collections of videos, questions, and articles) about concepts that will be tested by the new MCAT exam. Video submissions are now being accepted online; the deadline for submissions is June 14, 2013.

Khan Academy will review the videos and select the winners, who will receive an all-expenses-paid weeklong program as they are trained by Khan Academy staff and scholars. Trainees then will produce the new collection of tutorials on pre-health competencies. Full contest rules, submission guidelines, and criteria for entry can be found at www.khanacademy.org/about/med-competition.

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March 2013 CCD Showcase: Medical Educator Resources

The Instructional Technologies Group has put together a new site for SOM faculty to find resources that can assist in their teaching:

Medical Educator Resources

The resources that are currently on the Med Ed site have been consolidated here.

When you land on the Home page, you will find announcements/news about interesting things we’d like to share with you for faculty development. You will also find on the site information on Workshops, technology tools and pedagogy as well as an FAQ and Quick Links page to help you find information quickly. We will be working to continually update this site and look forward to any feedback or suggestions to improve it.

This month, we also demonstrated SyncSpace, a shared whiteboard app that enables you to share images, e.g., CT scans, ultrasound images, diagrams, etc. in real-time via iPads (and desktops/laptops) for teaching on-the-go, bedside or when being a room with a projector is not feasible.

Contact Julie Youm at jyoum@uci.edu if you are interested in learning more about medical educator resources or SyncSpace/shared whiteboard apps in your clerkships.

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Dr. Eric Topol tweets about recent iMedEd announcement!

Dr. Eric Topol, author of the book The Creative Destruction of Medicine, and recent NBC News Story re-tweeted the recent iMedEd announcement. In his book, he talks about the need for medical schools to innovate to better prepare students for practicing in the new era of digital medicine.

Here’s the link to the NBC News story.
Here’s the link to our Health 2.0 Course if interested.


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More drawMD Apps Available

The folks at Visible Health have been busy and there are several new drawMD specialties available in the App Store. See below for a list of the drawMD apps or visit the drawMD site for more information. These apps are great for patient education, creating presentations or studying about different conditions/procedures.

drawMD Specialty Price
Anesthesia & Critical Care  $0.99
Cardiology  $1.99
ENT (Otolaryngology)  Free
Female Pelvic Surgery  Free
General Surgery  $2.99
Orthopedics  $2.99
Pediatrics  $0.99
Sampler Free
Thoracic Surgery  Free
Transplant Surgery Free
Urology  Free
Vascular  $2.99

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FIGO Staging

UCIrvine iMedEd iPad App Review

App Name: FIGO Staging

Price: $9.99

Brief Description:
This app describes the various gynecologic cancers, including FIGO (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics) staging descriptions, histopathology, survival rates and treatment plans.

This is an awesome app for a med student interested in GYN oncology or those on their third year OB/GYN rotation. The differences in the cancer stagings and the indicated therapies can be confusing and this app is a great tool to have to clear up any questions. This app also includes slides showing histopath of the
cancers, indications for neoadjuvant/adjuvant chemotherapy, up to date chemotherapy schedules, and guidelines for genetic testing.

It is a niche app for the price but if someone is interested in GYN oncology, I think it is well worth it to have this tool in the clinic.

Overall rating (Scale of 1-10, 10 is highest): 10
Recommend for medical students: Depends

Reviewer Name: Brooke Sanders, MS1
University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine
Review Date: December 28, 2012



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Trying to access UCI resources off-site? Use the VPN!

If you want to access UCI resources when not on UCI’s campus or up at the hospital, you will need to use the VPN (Virtual Private Network). There are a number of ways to do this:

You will need to use your UCInetID and password for all of the above, and sometimes the best results happen when you use the “UCIFull” setting.

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions!


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December 2012 CCD Showcase: Audience Response Systems

Audience Response Systems (ARS)

Audience response is the interaction between a lecturer/presenter and the students/audience. Audience Response Systems are tools that facilitate this type of interaction with the clicker as one of the more well-known examples.

At UCIrvine, we are fortunate to be able to integrate the use of an ARS that requires a digital device (rather than another hardware device such as clicker) because we know that all of our students have access to an iPad at the least. LiveClassTech, a web-based solution, is the ARS that has been selected to be used for improving participation during the lectures for the MS1 and MS2 courses. It is a simple tool that works within most browsers to allow lecturers to post questions and collect real-time feedback from students. Student responses can be accepted anonymously or with identification and are also presented in pie chart format for immediate summative or formative analysis by a lecturer. For more information on using LiveClassTech, visit the Faculty and Staff Resources page at meded.uci.edu: http://www.meded.uci.edu/toolsclassroom.asp.

Other ARS tools that we have piloted are i>Clicker, ResponseWare by Turning Technologies and ViaResponse (the latter two have iOS/mobile apps that turn a mobile device into a digital response card). We expect to pilot Poll Everywhere soon.

Contact Julie Youm at jyoum@uci.edu if you are interested in exploring the use of audience response systems in your clerkships.

Podcast: December 3, 2012 CCD Showcase: Audience Response Systems
(Note: there are some audio issues at the end.)

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Medical Microbiology iBook Replaces Traditional Lab Manual

At UC Irvine School of Medicine, we have provided our second year medical students with a digital medical microbiology lab manual. Since medical microbiology is an image intense course, Jon Kevan (University of Hawaii) and I took the advantage of the iBook platform to create a laboratory manual with 13 separate exercises.

Our iBook includes protocols with accompanying videos so that students can view proper lab technique prior to entering the lab (Ex. Gram stain and steps to properly focus a microscope). There are numerous images throughout the exercises that familiarize the students with what they “should” see after culturing organisms on specific media, conducting tests and preparing stained slides. It is also useful that students easily review these images at their convenience after completing the lab exercises. We have also incorporated Prezis within the iBook that emphsize the clinical relevance of selected exercises. One Prezi includes includes a clinician discussing the clinical relevance of MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus) while students learn the attributes of Spectra MRSA chrome agar.

In order to maintain digital continuity, students complete a “Results” section by accessing an embedded link to each lab-specific exercise posted our UC Irvine learning management system (Electronic Educational Environment, EEE). Students enter their data as well as answer lab and clinically related questions. These questions can include images– another opportunity for students to test their recognition of images of microorganisms. We have found reviewing the work of the students has become paperless and substantially more efficient.

Since each of the medical students have been provided with an iPad, each student brings his/her own iPad into the lab. The students protect the iPad by putting it into plastic bag (Fischer Scientific) that is discarded at the end of the exercise. Our lab is quite busy/crowded with 100+ students; a bonus of the iBook format is the elimination of notebooks and extraneous paper protocols cluttering the lab bench. The three lab teaching assistants have been provided iPads with the iBook. These SOM owned iPads are also used in the anatomy lab. Fortuitously, these two labs do not overlap and we can maximize the use of institutional iPads.

We surveyed our students and found 95% of them preferred the iBook to a printed format. We also received some good suggestions to make the iBook better next year. However, many responses had the same sentiment as the following- “I love it! It is all within one mobile, data-collecting resource–the iPad. We can access the internet easily when we have problems. Also, the pictures have been designed so pleasantly on the screen; very interactive.”

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