About Jiaru Bai

I am a fifth year as a PhD student in operations and decision technologies at the University of California, Irvine, in the Paul Merage School of Business. I have a B.Sc. degree in Engineering from Beihang University, honors college, and a double B.Sc. degree in Economics from Peking University. I also obtained a Master’s degree in Statistics from UC Irvine.

My research interests lie in the areas of Business Analytics, Medical Decision Analysis, Behavioral Operations Management and the Interface between Operations Management and Marketing. In particular, my recent research addresses various issues in Medical Markov Modeling, Service Operations Management and Retailing.

I passed my comprehensive exam in May 2014, and advanced to candidacy in June 2015. I am currently on the academic job market.

Paper under review

Coordinating Supply and Demand on an On-demand Service Platform: Price, Wage, and Payout Ratio. Joint with Kut C. So, Christopher Tang, Xiqun (Michael) Chen and Hai Wang. (Invited for 2nd round review at M&SOM)


Bai J, So K C, Tang C. A queueing model for managing small projects under uncertainties. European Journal of Operational Research, 2016, 253(3): 777-790.

Bai J, del Campo C, Keller L R. Markov Chain Models in Practice: A Review of Low Cost Software Options. Investigación Operacional, forthcoming in 2017.

Minion L E, Bai J, Monk B J, et al. A Markov model to evaluate cost-effectiveness of antiangiogenesis therapy using bevacizumab in advanced cervical cancer. Gynecologic Oncology, 2015, 137(3): 490-496.

Qian L, Lu Q, Bai J, et al. Dynamics of a Prey-Dependent Digestive Model with State-Dependent Impulsive Control. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, 2012, 22(04): 1250092.