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Stark, C., Bieszczad, K. & Allen, T.: F1000Prime Recommendation of [Znamenskiy P and Zador AM: Nature. 2013 May 23; 497(7450):482-5; “Corticostriatal neurons in auditory cortex drive decision during auditory discrimination.”]. In F1000Prime, 23 Aug 2013; DOI: 10.3410/f.718006944.793482138.

Stark, C., Allen, T. & Bieszczad, K.: F1000Prime Recommendation of [Xu W and Südhof TC, Science 2013, 339(6125):1290-5; “A neural circuit for memory specificity and generalization.”]. In F1000Prime, 16 Apr 2013; DOI: 10.3410/f.717989431.793474451.

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