New! California legal news – The Recorder

recorder-screenThe Recorder provides daily news about the California legal world, as well as judicial profiles of state judges from counties all over California.

The Recorder is one of ALM’s legal publications. Email updates are available.


More information about The Recorder is in Encore. Direct access is at

Please note:

Construction – May 8 – 23

construction worker imageVentilation work will be going on in walls and ceilings throughout the Law Library from Thursday May 8 through Friday May 23, as part of a project to upgrade the building’s aging HVAC equipment.  It’s likely that some days will be quite noisy.

Earplugs are available at the Service Counter. A directory of UCI study spaces is available if you want to look for alternate study locations.

Summer Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw

summer-2014-goldLaw students: don’t forget to plan for your legal research accounts over the summer.

Bloomberg LawSign up to request a student ID for Bloomberg Law. It can take a few days to process a request for a new password.

  • You do not have to go through a special summer registration.
  • There are no summertime restrictions on using Bloomberg Law – you can even use your account if you’re at a firm*.

Lexis: You can use your Advance account to do research over the summer.

  • You do not have to go through a special summer registration for Advance.
  • There are no summertime restrictions on using Advance – you can even use your account if you’re at a firm*.

Westlaw: You might be able to use your student Westlaw account to do research over the summer.

  • You need to sign up for “Summer Extension” at 
  • There are important restrictions on law school accounts over the summer, regardless of whether you sign up for a Summer Extension. Non-academic use is prohibited. Check the summer extension link above for details.

* Always check your employer’s policy for tracking and billing research costs.

Legal Research in Practice – Fri. 5/9

lrp 2014 info

10:00 a.m. to noon in MPAA.  Select two sessions and get practical tips on research and job success in different jurisdictions and settings. RSVP by filling out our online form.

Session 1 – 30 minutes (choose one)

  • California research
  • Federal research
  • Research refresher

Session 2 – 60 minutes (choose one)

  • Working for a judge.
  • Working for an attorney
  • Working for a wonk.

Can’t make it? Want to go to more than one? Look out for a follow-up email with links to online documentation.

Hours – Reading & Examination, Summer

hoursOur hours are different in late April and early May because of Reading & Exam period. After that, hours will change again for the summer. Check our up-to-date calendar: Law Library Hours.

Our visitor policy is also different during the Reading & Exam period so that our space is conducive to study. During that time — April 21 – May 7 — only UCI Law students and UCI faculty and staff can use the Law Library.

Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook – now online

cover-kurzbanPlus more titles from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), at

Kurzban is the go-to guide for practical immigration questions; our clinic students and faculty rave about it. When the print copies aren’t checked out to somebody working on a clinical or pro bono issue, they live upstairs in the Reading Room at KF 4819.85.

Please note:

  • This site is restricted to UCI Law. Law students: see the VPN information in Technical Resources from UCI Law IT Services.
  • Only eight people at a time can use this site. If you can’t get to it, wait for a bit and try again. And please let us know.

Celebration of Books – Tues. 4/1


10:30 a.m. – Noon

Join us in the Reading Room as we highlight and acknowledge the publications authored and co-authored by UCI Law Faculty from April 2013 through March 2014.  Coffee and pastries will be offered beginning at 10:30 a.m.

This year we are happy to honor professors Erwin Chemerinsky, Rachel Croskery-Roberts, Elizabeth Loftus, Carrie Menkel-Meadow, and Christopher Whytock.

The event, including remarks by authors, will begin at approximately 10:45 a.m.

Phone chargers now available

noun_project_batteryWe now have phone chargers that you can check out to use in the Library. Our chargers work with iPhone 5s, older iPhones, and most other major brands (Blackberry, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Samsung, Sanyo, Sony).
Ask at the Service Counter for more details.