New on the shelves – Apr. 2013

Our list of new books is now updated.

cover imageIn April, the Law Library received books on international legal issues, immigration, and intellectual property, among other topics. A couple titles that might be of interest are:

The Law Library’s collection is constantly growing as we purchase books and other resources to support the scholarly and clinical work of faculty and students.  Please let us know if you have a suggestion for a new book 

Summer Research Tips – Workshop Materials

Here’s a summary of our May 10 Legal Research in Practice Workshop, as well as selected material from the small group sessions.


Summer Research Tips

Want to start with a good secondary source?

Planning to use a database this summer?

 Connecting from off campus?


  • Ask a librarian! If you don’t have one at work, ask us. We’d love to help you make a good impression! Stop by, call, or email. [ (949) 824-6746 | ]
    Our summer hours are 9 to 5 (closed for lunch)
  • Try a law library close to your job. Check our list of Southern California Law Libraries

Study Spaces @ UCI

Libraries Gateway Study Center 2013

Libraries Gateway Study Center

Looking for a new place to study? The UCI Libraries have created a handy and comprehensive tool for locating study spaces all over campus, and it’s not just limited to libraries. You can look up hours, filter by categories (open late, group study spaces, quiet study, etc), and also use it to the find the study space closest to you. Check the main UCI Libraries website under About > Visit > Study Space Locator.

Before venturing out and about, please note the “Use Restrictions Apply” designation when it appears, and click on the linked text for more information about those restrictions.

Help us improve the Law Library website!

Ever wished that the answers to your questions about the Law Library were right on our home page? Here’s your chance to let us know about it! We’re going to add a “How do I” section, and we’d like law students to let us know what’s most important.

Here’s an example of something similar to what we have in mind, from the Sacramento Public Library:

Example: Sacramento Public Library has quick access to info on printing, wireless, fines, etc.

Sacramento Public Library has quick access to info on printing, wireless, fines, etc.

Law students have participated in focus groups about the Law Library website several times over the past few years, and their feedback has been very helpful. Won’t you help too by filling out our quick survey? It’s only 14 yes/no questions.

Study Aids in the Law Library

sutdyAidsWe have several popular series here behind the counter. There are also other options available, and we encourage students to contact professors for suggestions on supplementary reading.

In print

We have titles from the Hornbook, Nutshell, and Understanding series, as well as a few E&Es and Q&As. Current editions are behind the service counter, and you can check ANTPAC to see if they’re available. Sample searches:

Related link: UCI Law Library – study aids


  • (The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction) has a wide selection of free online lessons that are available to all UCI Law students. Contact me (Ellen Augustiniak, for the authorization code – it takes just a few seconds to sign up for your personal account once you have the code.
  • Students can also purchase access to online study aids for personal use, sort of like an add-on to the regular law student Lexis and Westlaw accounts. Questions about these options should go to the account representatives listed on the law school home pages for each product.

Summer Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw

Law students: don’t forget to plan for your legal research accounts over the summer.

  • Bloomberg LawSign up to request a student ID for Bloomberg Law. It can take a few days to process a request for a new password. You do not have to go through a special summer registration, and there are no summertime restrictions on using Bloomberg Law – you can even use your account if you’re at a firm.
  • Lexis: If you’ve registered for Lexis Advance, you can use your Advance account to do research over the summer. You do not have to go through a special summer registration for Advance, and there are no summertime restrictions on using Advance – you can even use your account if you’re at a firm.
  • Westlaw: For Westlaw, there are important restrictions on law school accounts over the summer, regardless of whether you sign up for a Summer Extension. Non-academic* use is prohibited.

*Check Westlaw’s Summer Extension form for details about their distinction between academic and commercial use.