And on the 7th day, I had a Margarita

October 7, 2012

Wow, what a two day period.  I’ll skip describing the two major outages we had that resulted from old infrastructure equipment that couldn’t deal with all the excitement of renovation.  This author feels like one of those parts as well.

But nothing like a Margarita to get excited again!  So here’s the roundup of the last few days.

We needed the power outage to connect the Main Transformers via those silver conduits.. the Automatic Transfer Switch that switches between normal and new generator power. Note the cables on the left that ARE connected and the empty holes on the right side for the coming cable run to the new generator.

Meanwhile we also moved equipment around in racks in the LBDC to make the 10/20 move easier.

Brian Craft on one side of the HP racks and..

Kaz and and a happy John Mangrich on the other side

In the other side of the LBDC something is missing…

What was it? I know!

The Computer Room Air Conditioner or CRAC unit #1!!! Heading for the ADC

where it can fly as everything on CRAC does!

“I’m not a CRAC Unit, I’m a Bird!

it says as it lands softly on the EG loading dock. This CRAC unit and its drycooler will be cooling the LBDC equipment when it arrives in two weeks.  By the way, where is that drycooler?

“I’m not a Drycooler, I’m the Lunar Excursion Module!”

Lastly, we used the outage to move some electrical items around the ADC, oops, OITDC, to allow the Core Zone Economizer to be built.

The Battery Cabinet to the Co-lo UPS (UPS #1 – not the one that burped at 11 PM Thursday night) is now in the UPS Room.

PDU #4 which powers both the Green Planet and HPC Clusters moved into the old place of the UPS #1 Battery Cabinet.

Because of these moves we now have space for the first of the new 40 ton (not weight but cooling capacity) CRAH units for the new Core Zone Economizer that will be placed on this stand. When the unused UPS in the top of the picture and the currently in use CRAH unit to the top right moves out, a second new 40 ton CRAH unit will join it next to the rear doors of the OITDC (got it right that time, eh?).  With those ‘velvet’ ropes it feels just like a seeing a painting at the Louvre, right?

To conclude, I have a contest again for you (nobody has won the previous wagers):  What window is this?

See you in a few days!

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