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3 Questions to Find the Healthy Answer

UCI Wellness

When dining out, ask yourself these three questions before you order to make sure you get a healthy meal.

1. What am I eating and drinking?
Keep an eye on calories.  Many restaurants post calories on their menus and websites.
Remember the five food groups.  Choose dishes that include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy and protein.
Don’t quench your thirst with calories.  Ask for water, fat free or low-fat milk, unsweetened tea or other drinks without added sugar.
You don’t need dessert at lunch.  Even a small portion of dessert can blow your calorie intake, so the less dessert, the better.  If you really want dessert, try fruit or low-fat yogurt.
It’s all in the details.  Every little healthy choice can add up.

2. How much am I eating and drinking?
Portion sizes can be out of control at some restaurants.  Most people eat and drink more when served larger portions.  Choose a smaller size option, share your meal or take home half of your meal.
Say no to the buffet.  If you go to a buffet, limit yourself to one plate of food and aim to fill about half of your plate with vegetables

3. How is my meal prepared?  
Steamed, grilled or broiled is better than fried or sautéed.  Anything creamy, breaded, battered or buttered will also have a higher calorie count.
Get everything on the side.  That way you can control how much dressing, sauce or syrup you’re eating.
It never hurts to ask. Most restaurants are more than happy to prepare your meal the way you want it, and many promote healthier options.

Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes! and Dessert…

I am a big fan of slow cookers.  This past weekend I conjured up a 15 bean soup – very simple and good.

The American Heart Association has a lot of good online health and nutritional information, like recipes, including recipes for slow cookers.

I particularly like this chicken vegetable soup recipe, except for the zucchinis… not a fan… but I will either eat them or substitute.  😉

Additionally, there are recipes for main dishes, sides, salads, appetizers, one dish meals, and snacks.  There are even desserts.

I like the looks of the blackberry cobbler.

Enjoy some healthier options through the new year and beyond!

Healthy Holiday Eating!

If you are like me, you moved through the Thanksgiving holiday having eaten more than you intended.  No worries.  You can balance that out starting this week.  The American Heart Association has a holidays healthy eating guide which provides some useful reminders:

Enjoy in moderation.

Include lots of seasonal, colorful fruits and vegetables.

Slash unwanted calories with easy swaps and substitutions.

Sprinkle in opportunities to be active.


UCI Wellness – Take the Stairs Campaign

The Take the Stairs Campaign encourages getting more movement in your busy life. The average adult can spend almost 10 hours a day sitting down. Why not take the stairs to maximize cardio benefits and increase leg power? Participating in the campaign is easy. Take a picture of yourself (face, hand, or foot) and submit the picture with your name and email to the Wellness Champions through email, Facebook, or Instagram.
More info