Leg Mechanism Designs

This page features animations of various Stephenson I, II, and III six-bar walking linkages.  Each are single degree-of-freedom and would be driven by a single crank rotating at constant angular velocity.  Click on a design to see it animate.

SIII2SIIAwalker-11-91 SIII2SIIAwalker-11-72 SIII2SIIAwalker-11-9 SIII2SIIBwalker-11-26 SIII2SIIBwalker-11-72 SIII2SIIBwalker-11-94 SIII2SIAwalker-11-6 SIII2SIAwalker-11-27 SIII2SIAwalker-11-32 SIII2SIAwalker-11-35 SIII2SIAwalker-11-40 SIII2SIBwalker-11-1 SIII2SIBwalker-11-17 SII2SIIIAwalker-11-3 SII2SIIIAwalker-11-4