Undergrad Composition (mus150)

MUS 150 is an introductory composition course for undergraduate music majors. The course content will vary depending on the instructor (the description below is my most recent one, but might not apply in the case of other instructors). The prerequisite is MUS 16C.

Course description

This course will introduce a variety of concepts and methods in music composition. More broadly, the goal of the course is to expose you to new ways of listening to and thinking about music, in order to help you cultivate your own musical voice, whether as a performer, composer or both. The majority of the coursework will consist of composition assignments with varied lengths and formats. Some composition assignments will involve collaboration and/or improvisation, but many will be individually composed and fully notated. Students will also be required to attend concerts, perform in in-class readings of other students’ works, and complete some listening assignments and written responses. This is an upper division course for music majors, and you are expected to work roughly 6-9 hours per week outside of class.

Past course materials

Spring 2014 syllabus
Spring 2011 syllabus
Spring 2009 syllabus