Team members


Youngmin Choi
(Graduate student)

Youngmin (M.Sc. Energy Systems Engineering, Seoul National University, South Korea) joined our group in 2015 as a graduate student in the department of Earth System Science. He is interested in understanding ice sheet changes and the contribution of the cryosphere to sea level rise in the future using numerical modeling.

Contact: youngmc3 [at]

Johannes Bondzio

Johannes obtained a degree in Mathematics and Physics at the Free University Berlin, Berlin, Germany. During his work on a PhD at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Germany, he joined the ISSM Team as an intern in 2014, and returned in 2016 to join the team as a specialist. He is interested in the applying numerical methods to ice sheet models in order to enhance our understanding of ice flow dynamics.

Contact: johannes.bondzio[at]

Tyler Pelle
(Graduate student)

In May of 2016, Tyler graduated with a B.Sc. in both Meteorology and Applied Mathematics from the State University of New York at Oswego. From there, he joined the department of Earth System Science at UCI to pursue his interests in ice sheet variability and its response to both anthropogenic climate warming and natural variability. In particular, the application of numerical modeling to investigate subsequent changes in ice flow dynamics is fascinating to him.

Contact: tpelle [at]

Josh Cuzzone

Josh is using ISSM to study the past behavior of the Greenland Ice Sheet over the last 120,000 years, with particular attention on the Holocene (last 11,000 years), where important paleoclimate archives constraining the past margin migration history of the ice sheet exist. Direct goals of this effort aim to establish critical constraints on the sensitivity of the Greenland Ice Sheet margin to surface forcings (temperature and precipitation), particularly over southwestern Greenland where paleoclimate evidence supports possible retreat inland of the current ice margin during the middle Holocene. Also, relying on developments in data assimilation and inversion capabilities within ISSM, paleoclimate archives of past margin history will be used as targets to invert for unknown parameters such as basal friction and surface mass balance, which are critical components dictating ice sheet variability. By looking at the past behavior of the Greenland Ice Sheet we hope to produce improved spinups which account for not only the past thermal evolution of the ice sheet over the last glacial cycle, but also one which accounts for past variability in margin history. In doing so, a potential outcome will also help to constrain variables that are crucial in dictating the variability of the ice sheet during the past.

Contact: jcuzzone[at]

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