The New Forum proudly presents “Editor of the Week!” This summer, get to know our new editorial board with their insights on the writer’s journey and joy of literature.

This week’s featured editor:

Leila Alskaf

 Leila Alskaf discusses the relationship shared between both poetry and performance, the ways in which they symbiotically feed off of each other and use one another as tools for embracing their individual oratorical needs. In using examples of modern performance poets and their performances, she discusses how the art of performance linked with poetry has obtained massive popularity and is now being used as a more powerful medium to convey messages within the media, while also existing as an art form that advocates and can be utilized to empower a movement. Furthermore, she asks questions about the importance of oral communication within the art form of poetry, as well as takes the time to describe the necessity of the voice in its connection to alleviating the structure, tension, and tightened syntax that can be found on the physical page.


Em[body]ment – A Reflection on How Poetry & Performance Shape Each Other



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