Advisory Mission

The Research Computing and Networking Advisory provides direction for UCI’s campus-wide growth in research computing and networking, and guides OIT’s research computing services, strategies, and policies.  The advisory meets quarterly to discuss the pressing issues facing research computing and networking at UCI.

At present four main issues will be discussed within the advisory whose priority will vary during the course of the year.  These issues are:

  • UCI LightPath dedicated research network (being deployed)
  • Big Data research data storage system
  • HPC cluster and the development of its high performance storage system
  • Growth of research computing services provided on campus or remotely via cloud services

Faculty members on the advisory will participate in the advisory’s activities for one year.

Main Responsibilities of the Advisory

UCI LightPath

  • Help provide feedback from the research community for using this infrastructure
  • Provide guidance for allocation and distribution decisions
  • Define strategy for expansion of the network

Big Data

  • Compose design specifications for the development of primary and supplemental services (off site ‘dark’ storage, archival storage)
  • Develop business plan suitable to faculty needs
  • Coordinate with data management services provided by The Libraries and outside agencies


  • Develop strategy for continuing development of computational resources
  • Develop a business plan  for staff expansion
  • Develop a strategy for operation and development of high performance storage system
  • Coordinate with the Green Planet Steering Committee regarding joint projects and concerns

Research Computing Support

  • Continue refinement of campus research computing services (supplied by OIT or other sources) both in scope and in capacity
  • Develop a business plan in conjunction with Departments, Schools, and Office of Research

Advisory Membership

  • Faculty members with significant research computing or network usage (high performance computing, advanced networking, or data-intensive research)
  • PI and Co-PIs of the NSF UCI LightPath (CC-NIE) Grant
  • School-level faculty representatives for research computing efforts
  • Representative School-level IT directors from the Schools of Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences
  • OIT representatives
  • Office of Research and The Libraries staff representatives
  • Chair: Dana Roode, CIO and Co-PI UCI LightPath grant