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  1. My husband tells the story…..he saw me coming down the stairs in Science Lecture Hall, turned to his friend and said “I am going to marry that girl”. He didn’t know me then but a year later we were married (few months before we graduated). We will celebrate our 25th anniversary in February. 89 was a good year :)

  2. Mostly, it was the most terrifying place I had ever been. I came from a small town high school having never studied for one second in my life. I had to learn how to do that, live with others who I saw as a smarter different type of animal,survive. I could hardly breathe. I held on,was on probation after the first quarter,did not flunk out. Gradually, I taught myself how to learn in a new way. I changed my major to something I loved. By the time I graduated, I had earned some honest A’s. I would never become one of those brilliant students who were already published, but I made it through. Still, one of my strongest memories is being part of the KBS take over of the Writing Center. It was one of the first times I just enjoyed being around people and was not afraid. We thought we could change the world. We still do.
    Katherine Marmot Moore ’69 (Kitty)

    • Hi Kitty,
      I recall that I enjoyed talking with you at the 40 year reunion. You had told me that “Marmot” was your trail name, so I recognized your posting right away. Good posting! Will you be attending the reunion scheduled in January? Steve Taylor asked me about it. He’ll be out here on business, and is thinking of attending. All the best to you!
      Shannon (Taylor)

  3. The best years of my life as a student were spent at UCI. I have fond memories of the times I spent studying with my friends at the science library. We often stayed until closing time. My favorite classes at UCI were a series of three physical chemistry courses because the emphasis was more on problem solving and less on memorization. A sincere appreciation and to say thank you to all of my chemistry professors for helping me to develop my critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These are invaluable skills that were taught to m so that I can be sucessful in life. Love UCI!
    Loanne Do
    Class of 1999, chemistry

  4. My most memorable events at UCI were concerts and basketball games in Crawford Hall. We had a great basketball team, led by Scottie Brooks, and they even beat UCLA. Living in the dorms my freshman year was also great. I met some lifetime friends at UCI on top of receiving a great eductation from a top notch school!

  5. Care-free life and attitude of being an undergrad; life-long friends; perfect OC weather; Newport beach parties; welcome week parties; turning 21; gorgeous UCI women; Mesa Court dorm life; eating at The Commons; late-nite studying and bonding; Campus Village; the ARC; Ring Road; great faculty; Science and Main library!

  6. Favorite memories:

    The spicy curry at the little food place (no longer there).

    Learning to like the new architecture.

    Lunch on the lawn.

    Being given the opportunity to follow my dreams and complete the education that had been interrupted over the years. — Valerie D. Class of 2004

  7. Filming Planet of the Apes at the New Engineering Building – Graduation day with 47 of my classmates – Late nights punching cards for my computer programs. –Denise H. ’73

  8. I had a great time in Middle Earth and have worked as a chemist for 30 years. My son is now an Anteater. Ph.D. program in Physics! ZOT!–Mike K. Class of 1983

  9. I came to UCI as a senior the first year it was open. I can remember driving to campus for 8:00 am classes and having to wait while a heard of cattle was crossing the road. –Rita C. Class of 1966

  10. UCI changed the way I look at the world and how I see it. It gave me renewed faith in the world. I greatly thank the staff and University for its efforts. –Tommy L. Class of 2008

  11. UCI was great. I participated in the EAP Foreign Exchange program to Germany and still to this day have been the best memories. Thank you UCI! –Becky C. Class of 1998

  12. My Organic Chemistry professor Dr. Hal Moore is a fellow musician in the Laguna Beach Concert Band where he plays the clarinet and I play the trombone. Peter Founier who was director of UCI Wind Ensemble is now a director of our band. — Brian H. Class of 1983

  13. Some of my favorite memories at UCI were living in Middle Earth my freshman year and being a Gamma Phi Beta all 4 years. All my best friends are ladies I was in sorority with! — Melanie F. Class of 2003

  14. One of my favorite memories had nothing to do with my major. I visited the Beall Art Gallery on a whim and it opened a place of calm and sanctuary for the rest of my time at UCI. I’ll never forget the first exhibit I fell in love with: “In a Million Relocated Images a Single Glance.” The odd cacophony of sounds, particularly the Tibetan bells. The images put me into a pleasant hypnotic trance for the little moments I could spare between studying and commuting. — Margaret K. Class of 2008

  15. UCI united me with reputable longtime friends. Perhaps our kids will know one another because of our friendship at UCI! :) –Mohamed A. Class of 2003

  16. I have been a life-long Anteater
    1983 – B.S. Bio Sci
    1987 – M.D.
    1991 – Faculty until present
    I am so proud. –Rimal B. Class of 1983

  17. Walking along Ring Road September 1993 during Welcome Week and seeing all the new friends I had met at the Summer Bridge.–Jennifer M. Class of 1998

  18. One everlasting memory has been the late night studying which instead turned into late night Uno card games and lengthy bonding conversations. But the strong relationships I hold dearly developed from my involvement with the Chinese Association. The friendships, the bonding, the late night under-age drinking…just kidding! The friendships that I have made are for a lifetime.–Teah Kevin L. Class of 2003

  19. Walking along Ring Road, studying late at the Commons and Science Library. The best years of my life!!! –Roudabeh R. Class of 2003

  20. Having worked part-time while attending UCI, the whole time seems like a blur. But my education there helped me develop the critical thinking and a cultural framework for dealing with foreign-born customers in my 25 years in the packaging industry. I also worked in banking and the recreation fields a the end of my working life, although as a social-security recipient, I continue to pursue several businesses for fun and profit — Robert M. Class of 1973

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