CHARTER CLASS – Class of 1969

Only $1,825 to raise before we hit our $3,600 fundraising goal!

Only $1,825 to raise before we hit our $3,600 fundraising goal!

Welcome Charter Class!

We are working collectively as a graduating class to raise funds for the Class Reunion Campaign. Show your Anteater Pride and make your gift today! Help sustain vibrant student programs, world-class faculty and dynamic research that make UC Irvine one of the world’s most prestigious Universities.

Register for the Charter Class Sapphire Anniversary Dinner on Friday, January 24th at 5 p.m. Kick off your 45th Anniversary and a weekend of celebrations at this private reception and dinner in the Newkirk Alumni Center. We welcome the Class of 1969 back to campus to reminisce with old friends and browse through an extraordinary photo collection of their time at UC Irvine.  The collection will include special memorabilia and highlight 48 years of innovation that will inspire and enrich alumni loyalty and school pride.

Sapphire Guest List:
Marmot Moore, ’69
Marsha Kaplan Parr, ’69
Michael Elliott, ’69
Diane Clark, ’69
Kimberly Burge, ’69
Peggy Reid Okimoto, ’69
John Maitino, ’69
Alfred Sheue, ’69
Kathy Houts Miller, ’69
Susan Chippendale Strichard, ’69
Gordon Smith, ’69
Boris Buzan, ’69
Donna Augustine Symons, ’69
Donna Richardson Stapleton, ’69
Lily Yang, ’69
Judy Nordyke Wiefels, ’69
John Addison, ’69
John Kramer, ’69
Steve Taylor, ’69          
Karyn Kendall-Edens, ’69
Steve Capps, ’69
Willard Chin, ’69
Kathie Waterman Thayer, ’69
John Maitino, ’69
Lloyd Charton, ’69
Bill Hansen, ’69
Leslie Badin, ’69
William Waterhouse, ’69
Karin Lindberg Freeman, ’69
James Stewart, ’69