Alumni Reunion Leaders

A reunion celebration is only a success if your classmates come back to celebrate with you!

We need a strong group of leaders who are willing to help build enthusiasm leading up to Reunion Weekend. No matter the amount of time you are able to commit, we have an opportunity for you! We are flexible and understand busy schedules.

For more information about becoming an Alumni Reunion Leader for the Classes of 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004, contact Carin Rodgers at or (949) 824-0542.

Involvement Opportunities:

  • Call fellow alumni to build enthusiasm for reunion & homecoming events
  • Use personal social network sites to market events and get the word out
  • Sign solicitation letters and e-mails to fellow reunion alumni
  • Seek sponsorships for various reunion events on Friday and Saturday
  • Solicit peers for reunion class gifts
  • Event planning
  • Post messages on Reunion website Class Pages leading up to event
  • Attend as a volunteer all of the Reunion events at Homecoming weekend
  • Collect and assemble photos, videos and memorabilia for event celebrations
  • Assist in general administrative support at UCI Reunion office

Your Alumni Reunion Leaders

Class of 1969

John Kramer, Henry Samueli School of Engineering

Class of 1974

Hank Klein, School of Humanities

Class of 1979

Cynthia D. Hewitt, Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Class of 1984

Become an Alumni Reunion Leader!

Class of 1989

Julie E. Carter, School of Social Sciences

Elizabeth Brown Egan, School of Social Sciences

Class of 1994

Felipe Vasquez, School of Social Ecology

Class of 1999

Loanne Kim Do, School of Physical Sciences

La Day Smith, School of Social Sciences

Class of 2004

Kang-I Ken Hsuean, School of Humanities

William Ngo, School of Social Sciences

Class of 2009

Ian Delzer, School of Humanities & School of Social Sciences

Jack Liu, Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science

Oracio Sanchez, School of Humanities

Melissa Silverman, School of Social Ecology

Elaine Sun, School of Humanities