Student Affairs Assessment Team

The hard work to examine student co-curricular learning across the Division of Student Affairs involves a broad network of Contact Leads and representatives from across and beyond the division.

Contact Leads and their representatives implement co-curricular assessment for specific programs and services, reporting on these efforts and using results to enhance student experiences and support.  Contact Leads and participants from across the division’s four clusters (Auxiliary Services, Enrollment Services, Student Life & Leadership, and Wellness, Health & Counseling Services) meet as part of a Student Affairs Assessment Team. The team aims to enhance student learning opportunities, track assessment progress, and expand the division’s knowledge about student co-curricular competencies, tools and resources.

We thank the following Contact Leads and Representatives for their continued service on Student Affairs Assessment Team:

Office of the Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
• Marguerite Bonous-Hammarth, Assessment, Research & Evaluation
• Edgar Dormitorio, Office of the Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs
• Fred Lipscomb, Cultural Affairs & Organizational Relationships

Auxiliary Services
• Regina Alejo, Hospitality & Dining Services
• Kabria Allen, Student Housing-Campus Village
• Thais Bouchereau, Student Housing-Arroyo Vista
• Stephen Brothwell, Student Housing – Administration Services
• Karen Mosende Douglas, Hospitality & Dining Services
• Megan Fox, Student Housing-Mesa Court
• Elizabeth Franklin, Student Housing-Verano Place
• Connie Malone, Student Housing-Administration Services
• Jennifer Nelson Martinez, Student Housing-Verano Place
• Brian Petyo, Student Center & Event Services
• Raquel Ana Piña-Holstrom, Student Housing-Graduate & Family
• Jose Sanchez, Student Housing-Campus Village
• Sharon Stead, Student Housing-Middle Earth
• Stephanie van Ginkel, Student Government & Student Media
• Kim Vater, The Hill

Enrollment Services
• Graciela Fernandez, Center for Educational Partnerships-SOAR
• Kika Friend, Center for Educational Partnerships-CAMP
• Santana Ruiz, Center for Educational Partnerships-EAOP
• Tony Hwang, Office of Admissions & Relations with Schools
• Bryan Jue, Office of Admissions & Relations with Schools
• John Lapuz, University Registrar
• Benjamin Shaver, Financial Aid & Scholarships

Student Life & Leadership
• Jade Agua, Cross-Cultural Center
• Davidian Bishop, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center
• Brian Clarke, Greek Life
• Adelí Lucia Durón, Veteran Services Center
• Darlene Esparza, Campus Organizations
• Angie Keam, International Center
• Brittany Kim, International Center
• mike knox, New Student Programs
• Crystal Rae Lugo-Shearer, Student Conduct
• Sherwynn Umali, Student Life & Leadership/Campus Organizations

Wellness, Health & Counseling Services
• Chuck Adams, Student Health Center
• Adrienne Buckingham, Campus Recreation-Anteater Club Sports
• Courtney Burkes, Campus Recreation-Fitness & Wellness
• Andrew Christopher, Campus Recreation-Intramural Sports
• Laura Finley-Sanbrano, Child Care Services
• Doug Everhart, Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion
• Allison Keller, Career Center
• Yuli Liu, Counseling Center
• Nadeeka Karunaratne, Campus Assault Resources & Education
• Jessica Ortega, Counseling Center
• Mike Puritz, Campus Recreation-Recreation Activity Classes
• Greg Rothberg, Campus Recreation-Anteater Recreation Center
• Jason Ryba, Campus Recreation-Team Challenge
• Jan Serrantino, Disability Services Center
• Doug Tully, Campus Recreation-Outdoor Recreation

Campus Representatives
• Ryan Hoadwonic, Office of Institutional Research
• Venette van Duyn, Division of Undergraduate Education-Assessment & Research Studies

Steering Committee

Our founding Steering Committee on Student Learning Outcomes was launched in 2012 to formalize the assessment efforts that had historically occurred across the division. Chaired by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Life & Leadership, this leadership team created a strong framework for current priorities and activities. Committee members included:

  • Assistant Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students Rameen Talesh, Student Life & Leadership
  • Executive Director Lisa Cornish, Student Housing
  • Director Jan Serrantino, Disability Services Center
  • Director Stephanie Reyes-Tuccio, Center for Educational Partnerships

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