Members Leadership

Niloufar Hosseini Jafari
Executive Chair

My name is Niloufar Hosseini Jafari and I am completing my fifth year in Psychology and Biological sciences as a transfer student. I was initially introduced to the Dean’s Ambassadors Council through my brother, Arash Jafari, who was a past board member. The benefits he had reaped by being an Ambassador were apparent in his leadership skills, which encouraged me to join. As a transfer student I sensed a disconnection with my campus, and DAC allowed me to fill that gap. As this year’s Executive Chair, I hope to enrich the leadership skills for our Ambassadors, and to further contribute to campus connectedness efforts.

Kusay GhenniwaKusay Ghenniwa
Academic Chair

My name is Kusay Ghenniwa and I am a fourth year Political Science major. I joined the Dean’s Ambassadors Council during my third year and am currently serving as this year’s Academic Chair. I originally joined the council due to its deep commitments in the academic, philanthropic, and social realms in the School of Social Sciences. As the Academic Chair, my objective this year is to help further the council’s vision of creating a bridge between students and faculty, assisting in promoting the rich environment and opportunities that the School of Social Sciences has to offer to its students.

Alexis Arias
Social Chair

I am a 3rd year political science and creative writing major. This will be my second year serving on the Dean’s Ambassadors Council. I joined initially to get closer to my school, but this year I have found a much more profound purpose for myself: helping create a community in the School of Social Science. In the same way I found a home at UCI through Dean’s, I want to provide the opportunity for others to experience that feeling of belonging. I am very excited to see what this year will hold for our 2016-2017 council!

Tania Reyes
Philanthropy Chair

My name is Tania Reyes. I am a fourth-year Psychology student. I joined the Dean’s Ambassadors Council because as a transfer student learning to navigate UCI I found myself attending many of the DAC events. The Dean’s Ambassador Council offers various opportunities in leadership,  philanthropy, and networking. The DAC holds a strong commitment to the students and community at UCI I wanted to take part. As the Philanthropy Chair, I am excited to work together with my peers and the Office of Development to create events to give back to the community.

Monica Rodriguez
Administrative Officer

Hi my name is Monica Rodriguez and I am a fifth year double major in Political Science and International Studies. I joined the Dean’s Ambassadors Council because of its strong commitment to forge strong ties between faculty, staff and students which I think essential for the undergraduate experience. Additionally, the Dean’s Ambassadors Council dedication to sustain and create a culture that supports a unified educational experience is what truly resonates with me. My strong devotion to public service fuels my motivation to support and enhance the experience of Social Science students.

Shivani Naik 
Membership Officer

My name is Shivani Naik and I am a third year pursuing Business Administration as well as Political Science. This is my first year in Dean’s Ambassadors Council and I am fortunate enough to hold the position of Membership Chair. I joined the council this year with the hope of strengthening the connection between faculty and students as well as helping students within the school of social sciences, engage in the opportunities that may present themselves. As Membership Chair, it is my goal to ensure that all members are as present as they can be at meetings and also present-minded during events and gatherings.

Amayrani Ochoa
Communications Officer & Historian

My name is Amayrani Ochoa and I am a fourth-year Sociology and Psychology double major. As a transfer student and first-generation college student, transitioning from community college to a four-year university had its own, unique challenges. I joined the Dean’s Ambassadors Council (DAC) because I wanted the opportunity to promote the inclusion of all students in the School of Social Sciences. This is my first year participating in DAC, and I am enthusiastic to work in tandem with the school’s administration and faculty. In my leadership role I hope to effectively inform and educate students of DAC social, academic, and philanthropic events and opportunities.

Kevin Zipser

My name is Kevin Zipser and I am a Cognitive Science major with a minor in Political Science. Being transfer undergraduate student, networking and meeting others at UCI was very important to me. I joined Dean’s Ambassador Council to help give back to the school that has made me feel at home, and to help extend the welcoming feeling and create a great experience for all undergraduates.

Jesus Omar Rodriguez

Hola! My name is Jesus Omar Rodriguez and I am a transfer student from Irvine Valley College majoring in Political Science. I chose to be apart of DAC because since I stepped foot on campus here at UC Irvine, I have had a strong desire to get highly involved on campus. DAC and I are fully committed in bridging the gap between students and professors. In addition, the most important thing I consider as a leader here on campus, is that it’s not about “me” but most importantly about us.

Georgina Danial

My name is Georgina Danial and I am a political science and international studies double major at UCI. I believe strongly in giving back to my fellow peers and helping the school Improve its connections between students and faculty. I joined Deans Ambassador Council to not only gain the support and resources I need to further my growth and experience but also to help make sure other students feel at home and safe on our campus. Also the Council has helped me improve my social, academic, and networking skills that will help me throughout my college and professional career. I work with an amazing group of individuals that work hard to put on programs, activities, and festivals to promote and educate all the wonderful opportunities that the school of social sciences have to offer.

Kevin Pedraza

I am fourth year transfer student majoring in Criminology in the School of Social Ecology. This is my first year as part of the Dean’s Ambassadors Council (DAC). I joined DAC because I would like to be more involved in my campus to improve the experiences of both faculty members and students. I am very excited for this great opportunity and I would like to be part of board next year.

Victoria Griffin

My name is Victoria Griffin and I am in my senior year as an Honors Student in the School of Social Sciences, majoring in Political Science. Being a transfer from UCSB, the Dean’s Ambassadors Council has helped me tremendously in developing close relationships with my professors and peers. The DAC is committed to making these relationships meaningful and helpful to all students, and can enrich the lives of those willing to participate.

Although it is my first and only year on the DAC, I joined with the intention of becoming part of community that includes and promotes the intelligent, academic, social, and philanthropic students that make up the School of Social Sciences here at UCI.

Phuc Nguyen

My name is Phuc Nguyen and I am in my senior year studying in Psychology and Informatics. I joined Dean’s Ambassadors Council because I want to make positive effects toward UCI community and its students. I want to utilize what I have learned through my experiences to provide innovative ideas to make DAC’s events even better! As an ambassador, I hope to help create a welcoming and friendly environment to promote strong ties among faculty, staff, and students. I look toward to my professional and personal growth in this leadership role for the upcoming year.

Christopher Jacob Leon

Hello my name is Christopher Jacob Leon and I am currently a fourth year, double majoring in Political Science and Criminology. I am also a transfer student from Fullerton College, and from the start I wanted to be involved on campus, give back to the school, meet new people and the Dean’s Ambassador Council was the perfect opportunity. I hope that with my skill set I am able to coordinate efficient events, that not only foster community but also provide an academic environment to improve our solidarity as a school. This year I am looking to enhance my social and leadership skills through interacting with students, staff and faculty here at UC Irvine.

Yoenjun Lee

My name is Yeonjun Lee and I am in my senior year completing my studies in Political Science and Accounting. The main interest that brought me to join the Dean’s Ambassadors Council as a senior was to become involved and invested in my school and my peers; taking part in developing and furthering the growth of the social science community. As a member of the DAC, I hope to be a part of creating an environment that embodies towards addressing any student concerns, promoting other students to become more involved in school activities and community service.

Jane Park

My name is Jane Park and I am a fourth year Psychology major. I joined the Dean’s Ambassadors Council because I felt my disconnection with the school and this made me ask myself if this is all I want to do/be as an undergraduate. I realized that I want to be more involved and hopefully leave UCI knowing that I had made at least a small change. I hope that through being part of the DAC, I can achieve what I am determined to do and grow not only as a student, but also as a leader.

Carlos Esparza

My name is Carlos Esparza  and I am a fourth year Political Science and International Studies major. I  joined DAC because I hope to work with many professors in organizing events and provide students with a good environment. I want to be able to give back to students by providing them with the help that I have received throughout my academic journey. I am very excited to provide both students and faculty with a better environment so that I am also able to give back to UCI.

Hannah Copeland

My name is Hannah Copeland and I am a third year International Studies and Art History double major and Archaeology minor. I joined Dean’s Ambassadors Council to help students through their challenges and give back to the community as much as I can. As an ambassador, my hope is to connect students, staff and faculty in the School of Social Sciences as well as create a unique and creative environment for every student. I am excited for the upcoming year, and I look forward to my own personal growth as a leader, a student and an individual.

Jenny Chau Vuong

My name is Jenny Vuong and I am a fourth year International Studies and Sociology double major. I joined Dean’s Ambassadors Council to give back to the community that has given me so much. As an ambassador, I hope to be the bridge between faculties and students in the School of Social Sciences. Aside from professional development, I look forward to the personal growth in the upcoming year. I hope my time in Dean’s Ambassadors Council will solidify my passion for learning and service.

Silgai Mohmand

My name is Silgai Mohmand and I am a 4th year Business Economics major with a minor in Psychology and Social Behavior. I joined DAC this year because as a transfer student, when I first came to UCI, the adjustment process was hard. It can be tough to adjust and I want to do my part in helping students feel welcome.Through DAC, I will be able to encompass leadership, teamwork and most importantly commitment to each other and UCI.

Sofia Alonso

Hey UCI! My name is Sofia Alonso. I am a fourth year Business Economics major with two minors, one in Spanish and another in Accounting. On campus, I am also involved with the Social Science Academic Mentorship Program, the Undergraduate Business Association and on the UCI Rock Climbing team. I have been a part of the School of Social Science since the day I got to UCI and I am excited to be a part of the Dean’s Ambassadors Council for my last year. I hope to help foster relationships between the undergraduate students and the faculty and staff through DAC’s many events.

Sandra He

My name is Sandra He, a second year student double majoring in Business Economics and Urban Studies. I joined the Dean’s Ambassadors Council due to the great opportunities provided to the students within the School of Social Sciences. Often times, students are too afraid to approach professors in class or during office hours, which I personally struggle with. As an ambassador at the Dean’s Ambassadors Council, I want to strengthen relations between students and faculty members through increase interaction at social events, to break through the mental barrier of the unapproachable.

Jingwei Li

My name is Jingwei Li and I go by Maggie. I am a fourth year Business Economics and Political Science double majoring and accounting minoring. As an international student, I found that it is very difficult for international students to embrace the culture they are not familiar with. Being a part of DAC, I hope I have the opportunity to serve  by building a stronger relationship between students and professors, by hosting academic and social events, and by proposing numerous workshops, to develop a sense of belonging.

Karina Ramirez

Hello, my name is Karina Ramirez. I am a fourth year Political Science major and an International Studies minor.  I joined the Dean’s Ambassadors Council because I wanted to be part of an organization that helps students discover the various resources that the School of Social Sciences has to offer. I enjoy motivating people to do their best and I am excited to work with my fellow DAC peers in representing the School of Social Sciences. As a member of this prestigious organization, my goal for this year will be to help solidify the bridge between students and faculty.

Isela Garcia

My name is Isela Garcia and am currently a sophomore at UCI. I am double major  in both Business Economics and Political Science . I joined Dean’s Ambassadors Council (DAC) this year because I want to have a better communication between the Social Science department at UCI. I hope to help my fellow peers at UCI feel a sense of community here at UCI with the help of Dean’s Ambassadors Council.

Vincent Capalbo

Salutations! My name is Vincent Capalbo and I am a fourth year political science major with a focus in International Relations.When I joined Dean’s Ambassadors council, I initially did it for the avenue to earn class units and hone my leadership skills. However, last Dean’s Day I volunteered in the event, which included socializing with my peers and sharing of food, and a speech by the Dean to student body about the importance of hard work and community. After working the event, I understood that the purpose of being a member of the council encourages students to form better connections with faculty, provide networking skills and to help create a better community both on and off of campus.

Teresa Neighbors
Program Director