13 May 2011

GIS Resources for UCI Faculty, Staff, Graduates and Undergraduates

Posted by Tony Soeller

So frequently do I receive requests for GIS resources at UCI that I find myself repeating, via email, the same information to faculty, staff and students on campus.  So the following is a discussion of the GIS resources available at UCI.  This blog venue for disseminating information is certainly not an attempt to keep you from contacting me about GIS.  On the contrary, use the following as a starting point and then contact me for further assistance on your GIS projects. Doing so is a major portion of my job: to help UCI faculty, staff and students with their GIS projects.

In this blog I discuss

  • our Esri software Higher Education Site License
  • the UCI-GIS maillist
  • free one-year licenses for ArcGIS software for students
  • GIS classes at UCI
  • free ArcGIS on-line training
  • attending the Esri User Conference for free


UCI has a complete Higher Education Site License for Esri software

Having an Esri site license means we can distribute ArcGIS software to anyone on campus with a Windows-based computer.  OIT manages the site license and charges an annual fee for faculty and staff to use the software.  At UCI we only distribute the highest level of ArcGIS (which is named ArcGIS/ArcInfo).  For pricing, installation instructions, and software usage details go here:



Subscribe to the UCI-GIS maillist

Information pertinent to GIS at UCI is sent to campus GIS users via the UCI-GIS maillist.  To subscribe to the list go to:



UC Irvine students can get ArcGIS for free on campus

Current UC Irvine students (only) can receive free one-year copies of ArcGIS Software on campus.  UCI students attending GIS classes on campus can request a copy of the software from their professor.  UCI students not attending a GIS class can request a copy of the software from the OIT Help Desk (OIT@uci.edu).  The software must be installed on the student’s personally-owned computer and not on a UCI-owned computer or any computer owned by a business concern.

Installing the student copy of the software is different from the procedure for installing the for-fee software indicated above.  Contact the OIT Help Desk for instructions.


GIS Classes are taught At UCI

Undergraduate GIS classes are taught by Prof. George Tita in the School of Social Ecology, and by Prof. Joe Devoy in the School of Social Sciences.


Free ArcGIS training is available to faculty, staff and students

Esri offers free online self-paced GIS training.  You attend the courses at your leisure and work through the exercises with ArcGIS running on your computer simultaneously.

To view the courses, go to


then click on Catalog > Find Training

To attend a course you must receive an invitation to the training.  Contact the OIT Help Desk (oit@uci.edu) to request access to the training courses (i.e., OIT must request an invitation for you to attend the training).

The course I recommend to new users of ArcGIS is “Learning ArcGIS Desktop (for ArcGIS 10).”  A description for this course is here:


When viewing the list of courses you will notice some indicate a fee for the course.  Through UCI’s  Esri Software Site License many of these for-fee courses are free.

Attend the annual ESRI User Conference

Esri holds an annual International User Conference at the San Diego Convention Center usually during July.  There is an associated Esri Education User Conference which overlaps with the International User Conference at the same date and location.

Details about the conferences are here:



Any UCI student can attend any one day of the International User Conference or Education User Conference for free.

We also have several complimentary passes that allow individuals from UCI to attend any or all days of the two conferences.  If you are interested in attending one or both of the conferences for two or more days, contact the OIT Help Desk (oit@uci.edu).

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