The Costume Shop builds, alters and invents costumes for all of the Claire Trevor School of the Arts productions.  The shop is the laboratory for the “hands on” phase of costume design.

The costume shop is a partnership of many people who transform ideas to a living art on stage.  The Costume Staff consists of full and part time or “over-hire” artisans working with student and faculty designers.  Graduate MFA students use the shop as their main area of research, producing the Drama Dept season.  Graduate TAs work on portfolio projects in department shows and teach undergraduate lab classes.  Costume Honors students or students with a special interest in costumes design workshop productions, build special projects with graduate students and staff or occasionally join the design team as Design Assistants.    Undergraduate students take classes in basic costume construction or wardrobe crew.  Work Study students assist with the daily upkeep in storage and the workroom.

Weekly Meetings

Each of us comes to UCI with different specialties and methods for doing the same tasks.  Costume shops share a great many procedures, but each also develops its own methods to suit its unique situation.  Learning to work in different kinds of shops is essential for any designer.   This is our chance to ask questions, learn from each other, clarify terms and process, synchronize our efforts and discuss new and different ways of doing things.  Ideas students and staff generate in this meeting have a strong impact on our program.

There are two regular costume area meetings.

1) General Meeting: Staff, students and faculty meet once a week, Tuesday 12-12:30 or longer as needed.  Meeting agendas will include:

  • Designer report to the group–  tell us where your show is in the process so we can contribute ideas, switch resources, find additional help.  Please do NOT think you must give a sunny report to please us- we all want your show to look its best!
  • Crew and labor needs—what should we do to prepare for dressing crews or strike?
  • Health & Safety- are there current issues?
  • Work Area—we all share a small space, how can we help eachother?
  • Advice—stumped for ideas? Ask the group
  • Field trips—upcoming events or outside attractions
  • Sharing—new vendors, methods, ideas we all would like know about!

2) Show Meeting: Staff and show designers meet Monday 8 AM to plan the workload for the upcoming week.  It is important the designer attend this meeting so that nothing is overlooked.

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