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Why is the creative process so difficult? One story in the Book of Genesis describes how God created the entire universe  in just seven days.  God, as the original producer, make the deadline in seven days because…..

There was only one actor in the original cast- Adam.

But……… Adam demanded rewrites

So God added a new character, Judith.

Then……..Adam demanded a new leading lady…

So God recast the role with Eve.

But….. Eve hired an agent- the Serpent

Who told her a birthday suit costume was too revealing…

So God fired them, declaring they’d never work in this town again!

Being omnipotent, God required no additional crew to create a production.  The rest of us mere mortals must rely on the cooperation of others.  This means planning, communicating, meeting, fitting, discussing and rehearsing.

God didn’t have to collaborate, because S/He created the Angels, whose only job was to Adore and Praise.  So naturally, they loved their costumes.  And since God filled all the design roles, the Garden designer didn’t dare match the foliage to Eve’s fig frock.  The Light designer relied on natural sources, and the Music of the Spheres- the original stage orchestra– provided the sound track.   We, however, must learn to collaborate & compromise without diluting our design.  This takes Practice, Practice, Practice.

God didn’t have to fear the critics would affect ticket sales since S/He had the foresight to banish the first critic—Satan– to a seat far, far below the orchestra pit.  And then God turned off the air conditioning, making it so hot that Satan spent the whole show in the bar.

We costume designers must take comfort that if even God had to negotiate unforeseen circumstances during creation, no doubt we will encounter a snag or two. This section will guide you through those snags.

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