The shop staff will work with you to ease the transition to the wardrobe crew.

Vera will choreograph the fast changes, and Eric will do a crew orientation to teach the crew basic skills.  You or your design team will provide the following information for wardrobe:

  • Fast Change List/ Pre set list & locations
  • Final Piece List/ Dressing List for each actor
  • Maintenance List

You will know from your early Scene Chart– and attending run throughs– which costume changes will be fast and will require special crew attention.    Communicate this information to the shop at the earliest stages and in fittings so appropriate alterations and rigging will be completed.  Check to make sure those items are done in time for a fast change rehearsal.

Ask Stage Management to track those exits and entrances in rehearsal. You must coordinate with your Stage Manager to identify the location of all your fast changes by the last production meeting for your show.   This will help you create a change list and preset list for the crew.  Give this information to Vera for the Fast Change Rehearsal, and to your Wardrobe crew.

Working  With the Wardrobe Crew

The wardrobe crew consists of undergraduate Drama and Dance students registered in DR 101A.    Some UCI students have an astonishing amount of professional or educational experience with wardrobe.   They will be a valuable resource for all of us, agreeing to act as crew heads or taking on difficult challenges.   Most crew members are responsible and enthusiastic.  Make sure you value them, and find out a little about each one of them.

In Wardrobe Crew Orientation, Eric and the design team will meet with the wardrobe crew.  Be prepared to explain your costume design, and show the renderings.  This is your opportunity to inspire the people who will care for your design.  Let them know if there are specific challenges to manage.  Have a list of the fast changes and hand offs and allocate them to each crew member.  Consult Erik and the other design students, they may have recommendations which students can handle what tasks.

Provide a list of maintenance you prefer to keep the look of your show—should some characters be neatly pressed at all times, but others remain rumpled?  Should some costume items be hand washed, and others machine washed?

You will also provide dressing lists for each actor.  Give one copy to the crew, and tape one copy to each actor’s mirror so they can dress in each costume and familiarize themselves with their changes.

Designate an assistant to stay back stage during dress rehearsals to answer actor and crew questions.  You may also designate an assistant to help with your note taking in dress rehearsals.

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