Designers must also be excellent organizers and team leaders, but our work takes us to many locations in a day.   We can often feel pulled in many directions at once.   The Show Bible acts as the central organization system for the show- it provides relevant information to everyone who must work on a show and can answer questions when you are not available.

Organization can feel wrong to us at first. Many of us rose to leadership positions because we function well in high stress, adrenaline rush situations.  While we find ourselves in those situations quite a bit, it is not the ideal to strive for. Once you enter the work world you must consider things such as normal work hours, people who must pick up their children at an appointed time, over time charges, union regulations.  Design can no longer be a high-energy hobby, it is a job with regular duties.

Time spent creating a show bible will pay for itself in peace of mind.  IF progress on your show is screeching to a halt every time you  pass out of cell range, your show is not well organized and you did not delegate tasks well.

This section discusses organizing a show bible and provides samples and forms for download.

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