Period Silhouette Guide

Click here to download a sample Period Silhouette Guide.

Click here to download a sample Amanda Avila Silhouette and Underpinning Guide by Amanda Avila.

If your show predates the 1970s,  you must create a Period Silhouette Guide.  This step trains your eye to draw the period shape correctly in your renderings.  It will allow you to decide what, if any, concessions to make for contemporary figures or movements, and this guide will clearly communicate to others what garments and fit are appropriate as they pull from stock, rental houses, or fit garments.  

The Period Silhouette Guide must hang in the fitting room along with your Scene Chart through out the fitting period for your show.  This chart will help you answer many fitting questions, and the staff can help you analyze whether a garment is suitable.

Underpinning Analysis

Click here to download a sample Underpinnings Analysis

All costumes rely on some combination of undergarments to create a period shape, smooth or slenderize the figure, encourage smooth fabric flow, imitate skin tone, form an under layer to attach or rig items, or allow contemporary figures to simulate period shapes.

Most figures in western fashion before the 1970s were created with some form of under pinning, and you must fit the appropriate undergarments before you fit any mock up or garment. You must be able to match necklines and analyze shapes.

As you conduct your costume research, you must indicate to your mentor and the shop that you’ve identified the appropriate garments used in that period, and how you will use or simulate them.  The items must be in the shop for an early fitting if needed, or for the first fitting.  Plan this approach with the shop.

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