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Where's My Margarita?

Where's My Margarita?

If you feel completely swamped by thousands of papers all with different formats and titles for deadlines and meetings, you are not alone. Pause here to plug in your margarita blender.  Don’t forget to add a fancy parasol to your beverage to celebrate all the ways we know how to put lipstick on a pig!

I have no explanation for the amount of paper and energy that goes into Rules & Deadlines.   I’ve tried, in this section, to give a rough overview of all the deadlines.   However, I fear what I’ve done is just change the pig’s lipstick color.    Please consult the page titled Guidelines to Produced Projects (at right) for complete explanation.  When in doubt, contact your mentor for a meeting.

Comprehensive Deadlines for Each Show

Click here to download deadlines listed by show Production Deadlines 2009-2010

Please note the top of the page calls this Production Deadlines, but it is really a comprehensive list of design deadlines and in-shop deadlines listed by show.  The PDF is 13 pages long.  To find your show, scroll down the document.  Using the Snapshot Tool on the Acrobat toolbar, you can copy just your show.  Paste it into a Word document.  You will have to slide the margins around or even enlarge the image of your deadlines page a little.  Then you can print one page instead of 13.

Click here to download the Production Deadlines Meeting Summary Design Deadline Meeting Schedule

This document is a summary of just Faculty Mentor Meetings, Budget and Greenlight Meetings.  It is intended as a reminder for those who go to many or all of the meetings.  You may find it useful, but you may prefer the format above that lists deadlines by show.    At the top of the list, please note Production called this the Design Report (DR) Meeting schedule.  You will hear lots of terms for deadlines and meetings, sorry.

In Shop Deadlines

These deadlines coordinate your show’s journey through the costume shop.  You will have prep time as the designer to make a rack, begin pulling costumes as ideas or inspiration or for individual characters.  The shop will begin working on your show on certain dates– that’s what the In Shop Deadlines indicate.  They are also dates for the shop to start ramping up to your show.  For a fuller explanation, see the Costume Shop section, at right.

Click to download Vera’s Linear Calendar in Living Color!

This amazing chart shows the scheduled activity in the costume shop for the entire year.  A word about printing this– you will have to paste the sheets together to make one long chart.  The sheets scan from left to right.  Once printed, it will be more obvious.

Two Sources of Deadlines

When you receive a show assignment, your first responsibility is to reconcile all the deadlines for that production.  You will receive one set of deadlines from the Design Faculty as part of the Guidelines to Produced Projects.  You will find another set of deadlines for items due in the shop.

Your first step is to create one calendar or worksheet for yourself listing ALL the deadlines so you may plan accordingly.

The Guidelines for Produced Projects outlines a system that will allow each department to work in concert with the others –for instance, so that lighting designers have a scenic ground plan and costume swatches in time to create a light plot.  Each department, then, has individual deadlines to their own shop to facilitate steps that do not involve anyone else.  Each area creates those deadlines– and may adjust them– to allocate resources.

When you work professionally, you will be given fewer deadlines.  You will be responsible to deliver the project by the due date.  You will, however, still have two sets of deadlines: a set of general design due dates in your contract, and more specific, smaller increment deadlines with the costume shop.   Getting used to the UCI system will prepare you for negotiating in a work situation.

Found the Margaritas!

Found the Margaritas!

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