Click to download a copy of the complete Costume Deadlines 2009-10 Document for both Drama and Dance.

The faculty and staff allocate how many weeks of labor in the shop each show will receive as part of the budgeting process.  In a perfect world, we wish we could afford to have dozens of people working on your show for weeks and weeks.  Sadly, at this moment, we cannot.

In our university productions we do not count the cost of resident staff labor into your show budget.   We carry it a separate line item for the Department and the School of the Arts.  So this cost is invisible to you, but this does not mean that your show is free to pattern, sew, fit and finish.

On large shows, you may pay for additional labor from your show budget.   Remember- the labor cost is always there, and when you leave school you will start budgeting that as well.  If you’d like to learn more about this topic, please talk to Vera about an average cost for a costume shop to work on your show per week.  It is always surprising to find out that labor is often  75% of the cost of doing a show– the budget you are given represents approximately 25% of actual costs.

The design team will have additional Design & Prep (R&D) time in the shop well ahead of the week your show begins in the shop.  Again, we wish we had more racks, more staging areas and more designer space.  We allocate prep time as part of a carefully orchestrated schedule.  If your creative process requires collecting items before your Prep time- and you may find yourself in divorce court if you try to keep one more puffy gown in the living room, please talk with Vera and Holly.

The deadlines below are In-Shop Due dates only.  Please consult the Guidelines to Produced Projects for design deadlines (on separate page to right.)   For your R & D or prep time, please consult Vera’s Chart in Living Color available on the Show Info page to right.

LAR Laramie Project ST

6.3.09 DR #2

9.28.09 Working Drawings Due

9.30.09 Rehearsals Begin

10.05.09 Fabrics Due

9.28.09 Shop Space Available

10.09.09 Rental Costumes Due

10.21.09 Company Meeting

11.10.09 Cash Advance, travel Vouchers Due

11.20.09 Rental Returns Complete

TPO Three Penney Opera CTT

5.27.09 DR #3

9.25.09 Working Drawings Due

10.05.09 Rehearsals Begin

9.28.09 Fabrics Due

9.02.09 Construction Begins

10.09.09 Rental Costumes Due

11.04.09 Company Meeting

11.24.09 Cash Advance, travel Vouchers Due

12.04.09 Rental Returns Complete

EFH Escape From Happiness LT

5.27.09 DR #3

10.02.09 Working Drawings Due

10.12.09 Rehearsals Begin

10.12.09 Fabrics Due

10.12.09 Construction Begins

10.19.09 Rental Costumes Due

11.12.09 Company Meeting

11.24.09 Cash Advance, travel Vouchers Due

12.04.09 Rental Returns Complete

BL Blue Light ST

11.04.09 Green Light Mtg.

12.10.09 Rehearsals Begin

11.23.09 Working Drawings Due

11.30.09 Fabrics Due

12.04.09 Construction Begins

12.07.09 Rental Costumes Due

1.14.10 Company Meeting

2.02.10 Cash Advance, travel Vouchers Due

2.12.10 Rental Returns Complete

CYR Cyrano de Bergerac ST

CYR Green Light Mtg.

1.04.10 Working Drawings Due

1.20.10 Rehearsals Begin

1.11.10 Fabrics Due

1.11.10 Construction Begins

1.15.10 Rental Costumes Due

2.19.10 Company Meeting

3.09.10 Cash Advance, travel Vouchers Due

3.19.10 Rental Returns Complete

HSP Herbert Siguenza Project LT

1.04.10 Green Light Mtg.

2.01.10 Working Drawings Due

2.01.10 Rehearsals Begin

2.08.10 Fabrics Due

2.08.10 Construction Begins

2.12.10 Rental Costumes Due

3.03.10 Company Meeting

3.16.10 Cash Advance, travel Vouchers Due

3.29.10 Rental Returns Complete

CYM Cymbeline ST

2.03.10 Green Light Mtg.

2.16.10 Working Drawings Due

3.08.10 Rehearsals Begin

2.22.10 Fabrics Due

2.22.10 Construction Begins

2.26.10 Rental Costumes Due

4.01.10 Company Meeting

4.20.10 Cash Advance, travel Vouchers Due

4.30.10 Rental Returns Complete

WP Wild Party CTT

3.10.10 Green Light Mtg.

4.19.10 Rehearsals Begin

3.29.10 Working Drawings Due

4.05.10 Fabrics Due

4.05.10 Construction Begins

4.09.10 Rental Costumes Due

5.20.10 Company Meeting

6.08.10 Cash Advance, travel Vouchers Due

6.18.10 Rental Returns Complete

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