Costume Designers for the 09-10 Season

The Laramie Project Opens Oct 30

  • Designer: Christa Mathis
  • Asst Des: Rebecca Meredith

The Threepenny Opera Opens Nov 13

  • Designer: Megan Gurdine
  • Asst Des: Joe Kucharski

Escape From Happiness Opens Nov 20

  • Designer: Melody Brocious
  • Asst Des: TBA 

Blue Light Opens Jan 22

  • Designer: Caitlin Cisek
  • Asst Des: TBA

Cyrano de Bergerac Opens Feb 26

  • Designer: Melody Brocious
  • Asst Des: Rebecca Meredith

Siguenza Project Opens Mar 12

  • Designer: Megan Gurdine
  • Asst Des: TBA

Cymbeline Opens Apr 9

  • Designer:  Rebecca Meredith
  • Asst Des: Amy Millan
  • Consulting AD:  Caitlin Cisek TBA

Wild Party Opens May 28

  • Designer: Joe Kucharski
  • Asst Des: Melody Brocious

Please note the Assistant positions are still unsettled for this season.  Several of you are designing two shows or assisting two times in the season, leaving some assisting slots blank for the moment.

We have a number of interested undergraduates we can recruit at the beginning of Fall Quarter.  I will pass around sign up sheets in the first week of classes.  If you know of undergrads who have spoken to you or expressed interest or you’d like to work with, please let me know.  Grad designers are our best tool for student recruiting!

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